A couple of stories


Once, in the days went DOSa mocking toy over networks.
 There flashed first girls in enticing poses (euthanized attention).
 Then, wander a little, finally ran into a player ready to expose the girl. To remove the garment you need to press a button. For the next - another without releasing the first. Etc.
 Somewhere between the right and skirt stocking player does not have enough fingers, he releases the button, thinks the rational layout of the fingers and begins again ...
 In the end, when the tenth solemnly pressed the button and all the fingers firmly glued to the keyboard, instead of the long-awaited nudity appears: "If any one key is released, the start formatting the disk C".
 Like it or not - to check nobody did not want to, so conflicts arose very funny from simple Reset of pressing his nose up yelling obscenities good night in the empty building is a sleepy watchman did not come and did not save accident, said pulling the plug from the cops rozetki.Pro
Preambula.U we have an old company from 3 people, we go where no hitting. And by chance one of us does not drink due to the disease to the liver, the second zarёksya drink very well, and I drink at one of the two non-drinking somehow not with his hands. In general ksli we drink it is only natural juice.
 Preamble. Evening. We have decided today to note the change in the evening of the next exam, and therefore bought about two liters of juice, two loaf and three cups. We sat down in one of the newly built, arbor. Pour into a glass, sit enjoy. I hand out a loaf and so jokingly say, "Imagine That Shas cops come up and let vyrytyvat that we drink." Laugh, drink. And then I notice that to us really are two policemen and go so slowly, probably in anticipation of reprisals against us. But I, like the rest of my two friends, completely ignoring their approach, there was a loaf slices. Here at last they come up (at that moment I even felt sorry that did not include diktofin a better camera) and eyes of one of them bit uvilichivayutsya. And one of them (M) begins to talk.
 M - that juice drink?
 We - yes.
 M - your dokumentiki.
 We are stretching zachёtki - here, please.
 M - where to live?
 We - together in this house.
 During the conversation the other looked into the eyes of our package, and it is really starting to grow more and more, and it can be seen even in the twilight. Finding nothing, he nachinat look under the table and looks even in the next box. Then he looks pointedly at the other, zhdya him at least some explanation of what is happening here to see prices.
 M - you mark that exam?
 We - yes, that's passed.
 M - well, good-bye.
 And so begin slowly removed. We sit and once they begin to turn away for a fall. I even felt sorry for them. But as it turned out it was not the end.
 We drank the juice went to the store for chocolate (I'm a fan of this is clear). By purchasing the judges, we go out of the store and start eating it slowly. And so you thought - to meet us again the same two cops. Then they either have not learned, or have decided that we are all still drunk, fit again to us.
 Their eyes had to be seen !!! Such terribly frightened and startled cops I've ever seen! They were very long, and then looked at us, then shikoladku, then at each other. On their face means one thing - the people to stop drinking! HOW TO LIVE ON ?!
 And departing one says, "Well it nafig, Sanya, this area. If I start popadatsya girls bows instead of drug addicts in the evenings, I myself sopyus. " Do I need to tell us how cool. We even thought rather than whether they meet one more time with a lollipop and tie.


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