5 ideas that will change lives for the better in the New year

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The new year is always hope. Hope that next year we finally get our, get married, go to bed before midnight, take a trip to Brazil and will find time for Pilates 3 times a week.

Before you start a new life with the first working Monday, remember the 5 simple truths that will make your life easier, brighter and more interesting!

1. You'll never be ready

How many things we put off for later, explaining that now we are not ready. You offer an interesting job you've always dreamed of, but it seems that your knowledge and experience is not enough. Just a little longer to prepare. Handsome man smiling at you in a bar and you think: no, first I need to remove these horrible wrinkles on my stomach and then I go on a thousand dates! Your friends invited you to Latin American party and you refuse because it is not yet perfectly studied the dance moves of salsa and bachata.

The result is an interesting work gets stronger applicant, with big misses over the bar, and friends stop calling you to parties. But it's all nonsense, and now you have a little practice and then... And the truth is that you will never be 100% ready for the opportunities that open before you. The brain is always to insist not to leave the comfort zone, because opportunities are always outside. But, few people can fully realize themselves hiding in a comfort zone.

Conclusion: risk — a noble cause! Take risks, improvise and let go of the idea that something may be wrong.

2. Don't let your past create your future

Your mind is constantly concerned about only one thing — survival. All strangers he perceives as potentially dangerous, and past negative experience projects for the future. The mind is what tells you that this strategy is good and proven, but this is insane. From these considerations you do not eat spinach, because when we were kids you didn't love him, don't have sex before the sixth date, because one day after sex on the fifth, the man disappeared out of your life and not see a Comedy with Jim Carrey as one the only movie you saw him 15 years ago, you didn't like.

Spinach still taste good, I think you men all are not gentlemen, and Jim Carrey only plays in stupid comedies. Thinking in this way, you are missing a million opportunities, which could be an incredible way to change and enrich your life and the lives of those around you.

Conclusion: forget about past failures and live as if your life wasn't disappointment.

3. Give what you want to

Remember, when you're in love. Long months of dreary solitude, and now, finally you meet HIM. You a fever, you sleep a little, do not eat anything and my stomach beats a battalion of butterflies.

Once you go out, how men turn neck after you, come up to meet, excitedly asking to connect. You are at a complete loss where they were before when you were free? It's very simple: at the moment you are the source of what you want to get all these men love. They feel it, even if you went to the store for bread in the old jeans.

So if you suffer from lack of attention — give it to others, you feel that you don't understand — try to understand of each, etc. Feel the love within yourself, love the world, and it will immediately answer you in return!

The conclusion: be the source of what they need themselves.

4. Big changes start with small steps

The more commitments you take on at the same time, the higher the risk that none of them you will not be able to perform. Once again, meeting forever to deal with excess weight, you completely abandon the sweet and starchy foods, do not eat after 18:00, start to walk to the subway in the morning, buy a subscription to the pool and sign up for yoga. In a few weeks you can return to the usual midnight meal in front of the TV. And now to all the complexes were added to the guilt and sense of powerlessness.

Millions of people year after year make the same mistake, not realizing that there is no determination and willpower is not enough to begin to deal with all the habits at once. Instead, try to focus on 1-2 specific aspects of your behavior that interfere with achieving your goals, and fight only with them. Instead of daily grueling workouts and strict dieting can just stop using the Elevator and to eat one piece of cake instead of two on the birthday of a colleague. The result will have to wait longer, but it will be persistent, and the risk that you will break down close to zero, as do micro-commitments is not difficult! Thus, gradually replacing bad habits helpful you much faster close to the ideal!

Conclusion: keep it coming! Often a long way is the shortest.

5. You have enough time for anything you really want to do

As you can often hear: "I have no enough time!"To be all the time busy and no time became almost fashionable. And it's not lack of free time, and in our laziness and inability to plan. The main mistake that we make is expecting things to somehow fall into place, and, for example, my husband and I are finally able once a week to arrange a real date like in the good old days. So far, everything is against us – chief, weather, traffic, but very soon there will come spring, shift bosses, resolve traffic jams and then everything will be OK, just need to wait. In fact, the only thing you need to do is willful decision to allocate time on what is important to you. This method works flawlessly in any weather, very evil boss, and a 10-point traffic jams.

Of lenardo Da Vinci, as an artist, scientist and inventor for 13 years was also the Manager of court feasts, Silvio Berlusconi in addition to scandalous political career has produced three music albums, and woody Allen takes on the film a year! While in their day is also 24 hours.

Conclusion: the desire to dominate the time! Go ahead and you will succeed!


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