In Singapore, there will be a network of driverless taxis

Just recently we told you about the prototype self-driving car from Google, which should appear on roads next year. But not only the American company is working on creating such technologies. Experts from Singapore in the near future I plan to put into practice its own technology for self-driving cars.

As the resource Engadget, engineers from Singapore together with specialists from the Massachusetts Institute of technology plan next year to run in one of the districts of the city, a network of self-driving cars.

The vehicles will be used as a taxi and will transport passengers between several destinations. According to the creators, such a road network will need to offload traffic, which is very important for Singapore, where the population density is over 7000 persons per square kilometer.

In addition, the Autonomous taxi can be used at airports or railway stations for the carriage of passengers or cargo.

At the moment the specialists from MIT are still working on improving the system of Autonomous driving. Now you need to "teach" the software to correctly identify cyclists and pedestrians and react correctly.



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