Goodbye gasoline, at the Spanish battery, it will be easy to drive 1000 miles

Spanish engineers have developed a battery of new generation. It's cheaper counterparts by 77% and allows you to charge your electric car in just 8 minutes and can travel up to 1000 km Graphene battery already took the test two of the 4 German car companies.

Electric car, of course, a very attractive mode of transport. A vehicle that does not pollute the environment, creates less noise, and travels on the cheap fuel is, of course, very interesting. Although they do not attain the power and speed of vehicles on fossil fuels, but they satisfy the basic transportation needs of most people.

However, modern electric cars have 2 main disadvantages: very long charging time and short battery life. Although lithium-ion batteries, which are equipped with current electric cars, constantly improve, to complete charging takes several hours and autonomy in the movement barely reaches 300 miles.

These restrictions can get a new graphene-polymer battery developed by the Spanish company Graphenano together with researchers from the University of Cordoba.

The company Graphenano is the world's leading manufacturer of graphene on an industrial scale, so that they know what they are doing. And the truth is that graveney battery can make another revolution in the automobile industry and telephony. It weighs half of the lithium-ion battery, it is 77% less, is charged for eight minutes, and offers you autonomy to drive 1000 miles.

4 major advantages of graphene

Graphene is a miracle material, which was discovered only in 2004 in the sheet of carbon just one atom thick. It's a million times thinner than a sheet of paper.

Graphene is extremely light: a sheet of one square meter weighs only 0.77 grams. It is transparent, flexible, waterproof, non-polluting, and 200 times stronger than steel. In addition, he over head transmission line: its conductivity is 100 times faster than current silicon chips.

Graphene conducts heat, generates electricity and changing its properties in combination with other materials. He is so perfect that even helium atoms, the smallest in the world, it can be crossed. And it's very easy to restore after damage.

Oddly enough, graphene is inexpensive to manufacture, and is very common in nature. All countries have it in abundance.

The company Graphenano will begin production of graphene batteries for electric vehicles in the first half of 2015 for two of the four major German car brands who will test them on their cars.

Because of its density, graphene batteries are too large for use on mobile devices, but Graphenanoworking to reduce their size. If they succeed, the smartphone can be recharged in just 5 seconds.



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