Why end the relationship

Each of us has moments when we have to survive the emotional storm in his personal life. What a heavy burden lies on the heart and responds to the pain in my soul, takes a part of our lives. Sometimes people who are dedicated to each other some time, decided to leave and go through this painful period, when both partners will feel with each other empathy, remorse and guilt.

When I wrote an article about how to survive a breakup, one of my friends suggested that it may be beneficial to write an article on how to end the painful relationship. I accepted the offer and since this topic is rather delicate, I had to spend a lot of time to find reliable and informative online resources.

My goal is to capture and convey in this article all the understanding and wisdom that I have gained, passing through the gap itself, and may help you to bring clarity to your life situation.

How painful was not a rupture of relations, and this experience can be a source of knowledge and stimulus for personal growth. Over time I learned that once you start to feel comfortable, life certainly throws you something that puts this comfort is under threat. Is large life changes happen? Instead of looking at these challenges with frustration, treat them as an opportunity to change the course of your life, a course that you were destined to choose and benefit from it.

So, why a relationship ends: a False picture of failure

According to the ideas existing in the society, we tend to correlate the ending of a relationship with failure. We're even talking about it: "I failed in my relationship." In saying this, we leave a negative image in our mind and negative Association with relationships in General. The ending of a relationship is not failure, but rather the end of one of the situations in our history. We were meant to go through this relationship for the sake of joyful moments and we were destined to get some lessons from the problems arising in the course of a relationship. New life and death is always around us. We made every breath is a birth and each exhale is the death of breath. Life goes on.

Be honest in the face of their needs

It is important to clearly understand what we need in relationships, and the quality of our satellites. Be completely honest with yourself and do not go on compromises regarding the qualities that are considered vital for you. And what usually happens? When we find that in man there is something deeply essential to us hell, we believe that people can change.

The truth is that we can't make people change we can only change ourselves. Those we have noticed little things over time will only grow worse. Be aware of all these little things and be honest to ourselves. Understand your needs and be true to yourself. Our life is allotted a certain amount of time. Appreciate it.

We remain in relationships, although we understand that they are not good for us, because we are afraid. We fear loneliness, we fear hurting our partner and we are afraid that we will have to deal with unpleasant situations. The fault comes when we realize that we have not been honest with themselves, and thus were unjust to their partners.

Sometimes in the presence of someone who is totally focused on what he/she wants (i.e. your loved one), the effect on your desires. You seem to pick up strong vibes favorite people, and their desire over to you. In a relationship, if one partner feels significantly stronger than the other, a strong desire sometimes is transferred to another partner. In the presence of the more interested partner is less interested partner will feel that "this is for me right. Seem right". When one of the partners is separated from the satellite with a strong desire, the less interested partner will feel the desire not so much or even become indifferent to the relationship.

Romance and love can be mutually exclusive

Sometimes when we have a strong connection with certain people, we will immediately get her to romantic relationships and we end up tying these same relationships. You can love people without being with them in a romantic relationship.

I believe that in society there are standards that make us believe that love for someone equals romance. The truth is that the love that we feel for others comes from somewhere deep inside of us, that infinite feeling of love is the expression of our true nature, and it has nothing to do with other people. Instead of giving in romance, we can cultivate a harmonious and friendly relationship with that person.

We all experience social pressure when considering your options. But, if you look, this pressure comes from our ego because of the fear that we'll look bad. We have a public image, and on some level we're all afraid that you will think of us. This can turn into a negative internal dialogue.

Here is an example of such thought: "What will my friends think?". We can get out of this state, if we come to clarity and realize that we need to be honest with you.

Usually, when a relationship ends, we tend to cut the ties. It is foolish to come to the conclusion that once you've been with someone for months and years, and if one of the components of the relationship have changed, the weight the rest must also fall. Why can't we extend the existence of other components of the relationship after our hearts heal? No need to lose friendships.

Imagination, heated by desire

We allow his mind to linger on thoughts on the vision of how things should be, and we end up getting to live in a fictional world, not in reality.

We constantly played the same videos in our mind and believe that we will be happy if our situation in life coincide with our mental scenarios. The same applies to our vision of relationships. Very easy to let our desires get in the way of reality, and then we will live in a fictional world within our current relationship until one fine day when we have to Wake up from fantasies.

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