Learn to listen to your body — 9 useful techniques

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"All diseases – from the head". Our thoughts are able to manage such a complex system as the human body.

To learn how to manage your emotions, you need to be able to listen and hear your body.

If a person is constantly suffering from hunger, suffering from insomnia, or, conversely, sleeps most of his free time is a sign of internal imbalance. Every person's body operates according to his own script. There is a relationship of how we think the behavior of the body and appearance of diseases, diseases on the basis of stress, depression, resentments and fears.

It happens that the person is experiencing physical suffering, nausea, headaches, back pains – no apparent reason, is sent for tests and gets the conclusion that in fact no deviations. Psychologists, doctors and authors of fitness methods offer many different ways to hear your body and get your emotions under control. We chose the 9 simple and effective techniques that you can use to become happier and gain health.

STOP Agressiveness we find ourselves in conflict and stressful situations, but life will not stop just because we are more annoying. But to stop the exciting feelings of hatred, anger or wrath is possible. Then to discuss pressing issues – at work, in transport, in the family – it becomes easier.

1. The surest way to calm the raging anger, or resentment – establish breathing. In a stressful situation the person is breathing breast, grouping of forces and straining muscles. Belly breathing – the breath of a sleeping baby in complete safety. Take a deep breath, first filling the stomach with air, and then the chest. On the exhale, reverse the procedure. After a while you will feel relaxed and will be able to continue to operate safely.

2. It is important to develop the ability to quickly switch from aggression to calmness. If you quickly become angry, and calm down slowly, try the exercise "Beast-man". When you step forward to shout, swear, clench my fists and jaw when you step back, relax, paying attention to muscles.

3. In situations where you must act, but not possible (e.g. in traffic), do the exercise "Inner light". Imagine a ray of light moving from head to feet throughout the body. As you move imagine, like wrinkles, fatigue goes away, a smile appears.

REMOVE the VOLTAGE Nanocapillary emotions spoil the mood of the evening, prevent sleep, affect the quality of sleep and our morning. To determine the cause of the alarm is not always possible, as well as eliminate it. All that remains in our body and to achieve peace of mind, you need to work through it.

1. Immersion in body. The easiest way is to lie down and completely relax, but if the situation is neglected, it will always fail the first time. Relaxation should not be imposed – just listen to what feels the body where the pain is, where the voltage where pleasant tiredness.

2. For entrenched within the gravity discharge is required. If you saw "kicking" little children, lying on back, repeating this is not difficult. These movements are recommended to combine with shouts of "no! and why?". It helps to live out repressed feelings.

3. The technique of "smiling Buddha" attributed to Taoists. The goal is to attain peace and happiness. The smile of the Buddha should not be generated by the muscles of the face, it should appear from the inside. Closing his eyes, try to calm down and feel like the corners of your lips fill with warmth, and spread out.

CREATE a CONTACT WITH Thalamotomy not "sick" from boredom, sadness, or stress, one should know what and how your body reacts. This relationship can also be developed.

1. Write "a letter to my body". What do you think about it, like think about it, what you plan to change. Change to another place, read the letter and write a response. The results allow to open very much in how you really about yourself.

2. A reason we want to scream when we're mad and cry if it is hard and sad. Voice therapy offers feel body through extraction of sound. You can sing not only the ligaments, try to "put" the voice from the chest, abdomen, hips, thighs, ankles. Help yourself with the movement of the hands. The legendary Feodor Chaliapin admitted that after difficult performances he was sick for the whole body, including feet. With regular training voice you can learn how to expel the pain and relieve stress tension.

3. One of the exercises of dance therapy – dance parts of the body. You have to individually move the arms, head, stomach, shoulders and legs. In the end determine what you would be harder to dance. If the problem is related to the speed of decision-making, thigh mean sexy clips, knees – the desire to move forward.

Health care includes disease prevention, and timely access to doctors, but after studying your body and learning to act on it, you will be able to prevent a lot of difficulties. In many cases, the drugs you just need.

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