A new look at old farm


The reasons for buying old homes is simple: either the house is worth nothing and do not wish to demolish, build new. Or potential owner is fascinated and wants to bring the building to mind. Often, the recovery takes much more money than purchase a new one.
Confusion still the same. Bavaria. The Village Moorenweis. It is home to less than 4,000 people. The building is well preserved.


The total area is 388 square метров


On the ground floor living room, dining room and kitchen.


Old doors .

Countertops made of oak.


The attic is restored to what it was in the distant 1890.


Oak floors new.


Natural materials. Wall processed from sandblasting.


To settle in an empty room your favorite things, and the house will live a second life.


Photo ArchDaily.com.Tastes at all different. Some people prefer a new house. Some people like to live in the interiors, dominated by ideas of the past. The last option is not for wimps because of forces and means for bringing the old house into order may require a lot more.

Source: art-defi.livejournal.com/?skip=16


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