Mushroom Farm. USA.

The author shared a little story about his life as opened your business, how to live and what is involved.
Very interestingly it is written, addictive.
Let's delve into his mysterious world.

A couple of years ago, when the first came vindouz phones, I decided to play a little game and opened his own small business - written for vindouz phone several programs and began to sell them. Since then, much time has passed from a harmless hobby, my business has gradually turned into a more harmless hobby (vindouz smartphones market had still not reached, it seems, and 4 ex percent). Write new versions of programs I actively scored, but by some miracle, the total number of download our application and approached half a million each month at the expense began to come 200-300-400 dollars in profits. A trifle, but nice. Well, that is it was nice, until it was the month of April and did not have to think about taxes. Figure with him, that the minimum turbotaks that can cope with my situation (home and business) worth as much as $ 109, which I no return. But three nights of life that I have spent on filling and calculations of all taxes, and this is never coming back. As a result, I became angry and irritable.

The only thing that saves the world from the fact that I killed all around - it rain. Leaving home is not desirable. And at home - good. I'm glad I do not live and work in any big stone tower in any big city. I like my little Duval full of farmland and programmers. Look out the window - and there blossoms plum. The neighbors - deer bushes fleeced. The silence in the streets, even the car - not a frequent visitor. Occasionally when you hear a clatter of the window - and there is, ba, local residents somewhere to go. Sometimes.

Most Popular my app called Calculator GPS and many of its users - are the real American farmers, using my program to calculate the area of ​​their fields. I have great respect for the farmers for their hard work, and I think that the work on the ground - one of the most important things that can be done at all.

Long past the time the giant, toxic, destroying all of nature around her farm. According to statistics from the State of Washington the number of American farmers slowly growing, successful farmers are getting younger each farm smaller and smaller in size (average size in the prefecture King - 10 acres), they specialize in rare crops on a large variety of on environmentally friendly farming, to the maximum harmony with nature, reducing watering and fertilizer products in the ideal for the local climate. More and more people understand that it is much nicer than the Mexican or Californian tasteless cucumber - local, native, vegetables, root crops, fruit and salads.

Or, for example, fungi. Usually I buy mushrooms so - write a message to the farmer (who lives with me in the same city) on Facebook and ask to place. Today, too, so I wanted to do, but the farmer said that today it is very, very busy on the farm and in general there is a heavy rain. So we had, on the contrary, to come to him. Do you want to learn and see how they live and work ordinary American mushroom farmers in the usual small towns? Then look.

The farm is located in Duval on 315th Avenue. It's not far from my house, but on the outskirts of the city, so the 315th Avenue heavily wooded and not asphalted. Here such.

Turn on 315th Avenue to left on the first house. That's here. We see the car, Sakura and the farmer's house. Around the silence and no one, but it is not terrible - the farmer is now busy with work and that it is necessary to catch a pass directly to the backyard. Near the house is a garage and daffodils bloom in a puddle.

And here is the back yard and the economy. Tractor, sawdust, carport.

Here is a green machine - for cutting branches, and all wood debris in the dust. The farmer buys from local loggers all the extra lumps of aspen trees, Christmas trees and tui, tractor asleep in their car, the car transforms all this junk in the sawdust and shavings in packs liter plastic bags (of compostable corn plastic).

This terrible device (like something out of the series Lost) is used to turn water into hot steam (high pressure).

And here is the boss. Mushroom farm, he opened in the city of Duvall two years ago, and before that for three years he lived in the prefecture Izu in Japan, where he taught English at school, and imbued with love for fungi. It works with sawdust outdoors only occasionally distracted by Facebook. Social networking (and blogs) - extremely important tool for all farmers, I know. Now blogs are everything. But I, for one, do not know why someone would come to mind to subscribe to any twitter Coke. It is quite another - small farmers. From Facebook baker Shaun his readers know what his mood today, and what about this bread will (or will not work at all). Mushroom Farm puts photos of mushrooms and frogs. Subscribe to his readers in response to farmers learn about the interests and tastes of the buyers of their products, it is made fit for selection. It turns out quite different, the personal level of service.

The most holy place of the farm - the mushrooms are just beginning to grow. Do so, all the shelves in the house loading packages with fresh sawdust. The house is closed and let in a stream of hot gas that sterilizes all filings of excess mold and bacteria. Then in each packet carefully podsazhivayut fungal spores. Mushrooms are regularly watered the purest spring water (spring directly on the farm), sawdust begin to rot and mold (and due to the fact that the rot going on inside the closed packages, these packages are extremely hot).

When the mold of the first mushrooms start to get out, they carry another, neighboring house, which is called "the house of growth." That owner of the farm and its partner in the growth of this house, at work (continuous operation with mushrooms necessary precautions to light).


Ezhoviki like to grow upside down.

Oyster mushrooms (oyster mushrooms most "complicated" and irregularly obtained on the farm mushrooms, sometimes there, sometimes not, do not grow, the owner said that he did not know yet why this happens).

It smells in the house absolutely amazing, the smell of rotten wood and fresh mushrooms surpasses all limits of expectations.

The farm produces a full week here such a cabinet mushrooms.

This shiitake grew and I got it for free. If the fungus grows too large, it can not sell, because it will break during transport.

That's actually all. California farmers, too, of course, try to surprise and to bring something new and funny, that's funny store-sumo brought tangerines (uglifrut not, of course, but also did).

Yes, and about again about applications for your phone. More, of course, pleased that many users find them my application very useful, write me with questions, requests for new features and tips.

And today, I received a letter from a customer.

"Hello. I really like your app, bought it a few days ago. But ... not if you could release a version of your application without the proteins on the splash screen. I am ready to pay money, but in order to get rid of it. A matter of taste, and do not be offended ... but .... Your program would look much more professional without proteins. Thank you ».

I was just on the occasion of the taxes became angry and irritable. And I thought and thought. Doing something right. Angry-angry. And then all the same answer.

"This is not a protein. This chipmunk. »



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