Internal trash and what to do with it

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See inside yourself. Look at what disturbs most of all that excites the mind, and conversely, that soothes the body and soul. In order to live a happy and harmonious life, you need to look in depth. In the depth of their fears and doubts inside himself. Perhaps wait for the one who will save you from the troubles, the idea is promising, but it's only your excuse to not work on themselves, and wait... wait for that one day the world will change. But to change yourself.

Do you think that the symptoms of the world can answer your questions, solve your problems, but it is not so. Inside you all the answers to all the questions, but the external world is a manifestation of you. Perhaps you tell yourself every day that will earn more and be happier that you will meet your favorite (favorite) and your life be filled with colors, that you go to a new job, and people will be more supportive of you... But it is not!!! This is an excuse not to work hard and firmly believe that your happiness depends on others!

So, look inside yourself, look at all the fears and resentment in the face, admit to ourselves that we suffer only for one simple reason: because it's so familiar. Is there a certain set of habitual reactions behavior, a circuit that drives the trap, and you don't understand how it happened and how to solve a particular problem.

How much inner pain, resentment, unlived emotions every day in my head spinning picture of the past and take power over the mind. Every day someone upsets us and we react in the usual manner. Disappointed in beloved, believe that we underestimated, we believe that we should, and maybe must. We tell ourselves that suffering and every day carry this emotional stuff. Sometimes the hurt and pain overshadow all the colors of life and comes despair. It's getting harder to Wake up in the morning and even harder to fall asleep at night because of this whole experience pushing and forcing you to relive moments of frustration; moments of joy and love, namely the point of pain.

Why this is happening to you and what to do?So why is this happening, why can't we just be offended and live in this mad, why are we letting go of loved ones, deep down, believe that they are wrong, why get angry, condemn, criticize?

Because all this is a huge trap that leads from happiness! Until after work and identified the main cause of suffering, no results. Ask yourself only one question: "What it gives me?" All the resentment, anger, negative attitude to people — what gives? Just a feeling of unhappiness. This is the eternal utopia: "I will never meet, hurt me, I did not understand, did not appreciate".

If you want to be harmonious with your inner world, take responsibility for your life! Do not blame others for their suffering. Only the man himself decides, to suffer or to rejoice, to love or to hate! You Yourself!!!!

Create your world with bright colors of love and joy — that is the main objective (purpose) of man! This is its essence and meaning!

Don't keep evil in your heart, do not be offended, not angry. Understand that any negativity is a trap, suggesting that the world is hostile and selfish. Forgive all, even the most evil enemies. Understand that if they sow evil, it is only because there is no love in their hearts only because they themselves have fallen into this trap and shrouded in thick cobwebs of ignorance. Accept yourself, love your body, thank everyone who was, is and will be around in your life. Remove yourself from the shackles of suffering and feel the love of life. When you stop wasting energy on the negative, she will start to realize your desires. Negativity absorbs a lot of clean energy, and why the implementation is happening for a long time. Implement its vivid picture of life and remember that such forms as condemnation, resentment, envy, gossip, rage, hypocrisy, hatred devour free energy and make us slaves to negative emotions.

To do it all at once may be difficult. Gradually pull itself out of the abyss of suffering, gain energy and realize your desires. Write your story of life with colors of love, joy, success. Everyone and everything around you starts to change, to become brighter, nicer, tastier. The world is a reflection of ourselves. From the palette of our inks depends on the quality of our world. Give yourself permission to be happy from the heart!!!!

Thank you, dear reader.published

Author: Maria Usmanov



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