What can You tell about the position in which you sleep

There are several body positions in which people usually sleep. Which one they usually choose? Depends on character and situation.What exactly can you tell the poses that you choose during sleep, says Bobby Davis.

Position of the embryo. This is one of the most commonly used positions. People who sleep in the position of the unborn baby, usually soft and calm. Shyness is one of the main characteristics of their personality. They can relax and spend time with pleasure only in the company of really close friends. Generally, in this position you sleep 4 out of 10 people on the planet. And three of these four women.

The "star". A person can lie on your back or stomach. His arms and legs widely outstretched so that if he tries to take as much of the bed. Usually such a posture characteristic of people without prejudices, which are easily and quickly adapt to any situation. However, many consider them suspicious, overly sarcastic cynics.

Despite the fact that it seems so easy for people to live, the reality is otherwise. They have a tendency to think too much and slow to make decisions. But once they start to do something, it will not stop until will bring the matter to the end.

Pose A "Log". Man lying on his side, and his arms stretched along the body. This means that he's usually good-natured and open. Likes to communicate with people – it gives him real pleasure. Because of this, he quickly and easily becomes friends with new people.

In some cases (this is especially emphasized if the hands are stretched forward, making a pose similar to the silhouette of a man begging for alms) he is too trusting. The decisions this person makes slowly, but if he is that far-fetched, but is unlikely to refuse it. Although sometimes it so happens that, often in the face of deception, he turns into a cynical and distrustful person.

Pose "Soldiers". Man sleeps on his back, as if stretching his arms at the seams. Typical of people in closed and confined. As a rule, such a person behaves with other people, silently and cautiously – prefer words to actions.

At the same time, he does not like fuss and unnecessary movements. Such a person is distinguished by straightness and stiffness (as well as those to whom the name of the position). It imposes on themselves and others high standards, likes to have everything on the highest level. Also, these people do not like places crowded areas.Unfortunately, such people are almost always snore.

Pose "belly". You lie with arms extended over head, legs straight, sometimes slightly bent. In General, this position like the people closed, but not as much as in the case of a pose of “germ”. For them the most important thing is to maintain the boundaries of personal space, for example, do not let strangers into their personal lives. They are quite separate and independent from the companies in their judgments.

They like order and structure in everything. People sleeping on my stomach, like to plan your day, arrange things in places that sometimes comes to pedantry. In speaking with them, found some singlepost that more than kompensiruet their persistence and perseverance in achieving goals. In this regard, they often achieve a certain social status and financial situation.

In the case when sleeping on my stomach a lot of spins, this may indicate situational needs to the solution of problems. Currently, he is actively fighting with them, and needed resource in the form of added stability and reliability.

Scientists recommend sleeping in this position, those people who are suffering from obesity and problems with digestion. published

Author: Konstantin Shiyan

Source: lifter.com.ua/CHto-o-vas-moget-rasskazat-poza-v-kotoroy-vi-spite#12278


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