10 incredible stories of young children about their past lives

Children sometimes give such things... After stories that are given below, it is difficult not to believe that these silly people are really able to recall episodes from their past lives.

Many young parents who share extraordinary stories through social networks, claimed that their children were told about the alleged incident with them a tragic death, after which came a new happy life.

1. When my son was three, he told me that he really likes his new daddy, he's “so cute”. When his father first and only. I asked “Why do you think so?”

He said: “My dad was very sneaky. He hit me in the back and I died. And I really like my new daddy, because he would never do that to me.”

2. When I was little, I suddenly saw some guy in the store and started screaming and crying. It was actually not like me because I was quiet and well-mannered girl. I've never forcibly taken away because of my bad behavior, but this time we had to leave the store because of me.

When I finally calmed down and we got in the car, mother began to question why I threw this tantrum. I said this man took me from my first mom and hid under the floor of her home, forced to sleep a lot, and then I woke up the other moms.

I then still refused to go on the seat and asked me to hide under the dashboard, so he again took me. This is her very shocked, as she was my only biological mother.

3. While bathing my 2.5 year old daughter in the tub, my wife and I educated her about the importance of personal hygiene. To which she casually replied, “And I so no one went. Some have already tried once at night. Broke down the door and tried, but I strayed. I died and now I live here.”

She said it as though it was some trifle.

4. “While I was not born here, I had a sister yet? She and my other mom are so old. Hopefully, they were fine when the car caught fire”.

He was 5 or 6 years. For me, such a statement was completely unexpected.

5. When my younger sister was little, she used to go around the house with a picture of my great-grandmother and repeated: “I miss you, Harvey”.

Harvey died before I was born. In addition to this strange case, my mother admitted that the younger sister was talking about those things that once said my great-grandmother Lucy.

6. When my little sister learned to speak, she sometimes gave really amazing things. So, she said that her last family was thrust into her that made her cry, but her daddy burned her so that she was able to find us, his new family.

She talked about these things with 2 to 4 years. She was too young to hear about something like that, even from adults, so my family always took her stories for memories of her past life.

7. In the period from two to six years my son was constantly telling me the same story about how he chose me, his mother.

He asserted that he was helped in choosing a mother for his future spiritual mission of the man in the suit... We have never even talked on a mystical theme and a child growing up in a non-religious environment.

How was the choice, was like a sale at the supermarket – he was in a lit room with a man in a suit, and opposite him in a row were people-dolls, of which he chose me. A mysterious man asked him whether he was sure about his choice, to which he replied in the affirmative, and then he was born.

Also my son is very fond of aircraft during the Second world war. He easily identified them, called their parts, and the places where they were used and any other details. I still can't understand where he got this knowledge. I'm a research scientist, and his father – a mathematician.

We always called him “Grandpa” for his peaceful and timid nature. This kid has definitely seen a lot soul.

8. When my nephew learned to put words into sentences, he told my sister and her husband that he was so glad I chose them. He claimed that before becoming a child he was in a brightly lit room saw a lot of people that “chose my Mother, because she had a pretty face”.

9. My older sister was born in the year when my father's mother died. Like my father says, as only my sister could utter the first words she said, “I'm your mother.”

10. My mom claims that when I was a kid, I'd say that I died in a fire a long time ago. I don't remember, but one of my biggest fears was that the house burns down. The fire scared me, I was always afraid to be near an open flame. published

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