What foods not to eat with diverticulosis bowel

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Diverticulosis of the intestines is a condition in which some areas of the mucous membrane of the colon like protrude outside. As a result, the so-called "pouches" diverticula. If they become inflamed, it causes severe discomfort and pain when consuming certain foods. So in today's article we would like to address to this problem and tell you about what products to avoid in diverticulosis of intestine, so as not to aggravate their condition.

What you should know about diverticulosis?As mentioned in the beginning of the article, diverticulosis of intestine is characterized by the presence of small sacs, hernias or bulges its walls situated usually in the region of the colon. This is a fairly common ailment, which makes itself felt any symptoms, except that in most of these pouches or diverticula eventually accumulate waste digestion, waste and toxins that naturally leads to an increase in the number of bacteria.

At this point, the person usually begins to feel pain in the lower abdomen on the left. This is the first alarm. You must also pay attention to the presence of the following possible disorders: frequent diarrhea, then alternating with constipation (irregular bowel movements), increased body temperature, nausea, vomiting, etc.

Another bad point: if the diverticulosis one day, something happened, the likelihood of recurrence is as high as 45%. Therefore, doctors insist that in this state continue not to eat certain foods or at least avoid excessive consumption, so as not to hurt yourself even more.

What foods were in the "prohibited list" in diverticulosis?
  • Cereals and whole grains: try to avoid the consumption of foods such as popcorn, biscuits made with corn flour, oatmeal or any other that include the bran, and wild rice. The fact that they are all extremely rich in fiber (dietary fiber), which is a long time to digest and can simply be stuck in the pouches of the diverticula. As a replacement these products try to eat processed cereals, namely, pasta, regular rice, bread and biscuits from wheat (refined white) flour.
  • Fruits and vegetables: really do without these products, of course, impossible. It would also cause considerable health damage. However, it is recommended not to drink at least in the time of degradation and the presence of symptoms of diverticulosis. Try to avoid consumption of dried fruits such as prunes, for example, as they also contain a lot of fiber. Do not get involved with berries because their seeds are very hard to digest, and cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower). Do not drink juices with pulp. If you still decide to eat some vegetables, make sure they are well cooked, dietary fiber contained in them, will become more soft and the body can digest them faster and easier. Raw is not worth nothing, except, perhaps, peaches, avocados, melons and bananas. But with caution, that they may be peeled and without a single seed.
  • Meat and animal proteins: try to prefer a diet of meat, minced meat, fish (any kind) and eggs (though they will be the main source of protein for your body). All of these products do not irritate the intestine and are easy to digest. Not worth it to eat hard cheeses, as they contain casein in large quantities, and it is very harmful in diverticulosis. Remove from your diet all foods and products containing nuts or seeds (peanut butter, for example). Reduce the consumption of peas, beans and other legumes, because they are also rich in fiber.
  • Peel, spices: categorically prohibited, as they can cause severe inflammatory process that is characteristic of diverticulosis. That is all the fruits and vegetables that you eat (though undesirable) should be peeled. And spices, especially a strong spicy, also for obvious reasons, will be harmful to an already unhealthy gut.
  • Energy drinks: this group includes coffee, black tea, mate tea, hot chocolate, cocoa and carbonated beverages. They will all be irritants to the bowel. Caffeine, contained in most of them, removes water from the stool and simultaneously facilitates the contraction of the muscles of the colon, which in result may lead to constipation. If you are too hard to give up coffee, then try first to replace it with decaf counterpart, that the transition was smooth, but it will have to give soon (and the sooner the better).
Useful tips and recommendations for diverticulosis
  • Drink more water (6 to 8 glasses of drinking water a day).
  • Go to the toilet often (as soon as I felt the urge to have a bowel movement), otherwise, if you endure, the situation can be greatly exacerbated.
  • Do physical exercises aimed at the elaboration of muscles of the legs and thighs (and gut) to ease the process of defecation.
  • If it did happen constipation, use of various laxatives and enemas do not put, if an incorrect excretory system it can cause severe irritation of the bowel and cause dependency on such funds.
  • Avoid consumption of fried, sugary and spicy foods.
  • Do not eat foods that have seeds, chew your food well before swallowing. This will ease the process of digestion, otherwise, poorly chewed pieces of food can get stuck in the diverticula and cause pain and inflammation.
  • Eat porridge or mashed boiled vegetables. can prepare their own cocktails without pulp (drain) to accelerate the healing process of damaged intestine.
Plants that help to cure or at least ease the manifestation of diverticulosis are:

Chamomile: reduces inflammation and brings significant relief to the state. At least once a day, try to drink the infusion or tea of chamomile.

Peppermint: relieves bloating, relieves pain, helps with nausea and increased flatulence. Drink the infusion of mint is recommended for 3 times a day.

Oregano: reduces inflammation of the colon.

Thyme: a source of analgesic compounds, has antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory action. Can use it as a seasoning to soups or sauces for salads.

Turmeric: a natural anti-inflammatory that is used for various types of inflammation, and in this case will contribute to the reduction of the diverticula.published


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