The idea, as part of the global vibration

Our thoughts are material. It is known to all. But not everyone knows that the thoughts of one person have a definite vibration, similar, in its essence, the vibration of other people.

Having a General tone, the music of our thoughts connected in a special melody that sounds in a special way, connecting to funny music.

But, you need to distinguish between the manifestation of the thoughts of hard rock from a violin or a piano. With notes, we can completely change the sound of the melody of our life and to improve it.

Growing up, we retain only some tunes, you can say, fragments of the wonderful music that was played in my childhood.

This is well illustrated by the following anecdote:

There was a broad Outlook. But mom said, "Stop daydreaming!", a school required to learn everything "the only way by heart". And all the horizons narrowed and narrowed until it became a dot. She called since a point of view.

Having one Mind, we think differently. But we have a common thought. These are the thoughts we share with the world and the Universe.

Just as our subconscious. Choosing, consciously or unconsciously, that or the other behavior, we are in a specific group (category).

In other words, thinking, speaking and acting in a certain way, we thereby connect with people on a subtle level, who think, speak and act in a similar way.

All people pronounce different words. Words alone criticize life, the other — thank you (I take the extreme opposite concepts).

Criticizing the life we belong to the category of critics of God and life. Accumulating this energy goes into the space.

Uttering words of prayer, of thanksgiving, of love, of life, we belong to the category of Rich people. Rich not in terms of cash receipts (although, that's what we attract into your life), and rich spiritually.

There is a term "synergism". It can be explained in two words: multiplication of reality. That is, when we add 2 and 2, then the output is not four, but 5, 8, 12 (depending on our imagination).

Therefore, speaking about what we think we need to remember that some of the same thoughts are summarized and show the vibration of the selected group against the whole planet.

To which group we belong? There are different groups: Optimists, Realists, Pessimists, Walruses, Witches, Psychics, Healers... a lot of Them. But we will not yet parse these names — at the moment this is not essential.

Most importantly, we need to understand every word (even accidentally spoken) and every thought we think is transforming our lives and allocate us to the group of people who think like we do.

It means thinking, "I can!", we fall into the category of people who think so. This signal is sent into the Universe.

Speaking words of Love and Kindness, we join this movement — moving forward and upward. We would change the road to where we're going. Wanted — turned to the right. Wanted left. Of course, still need to comply with the rules of the road, but while these rules do not know. I only know that you can switch from one thought to another.

Acting for the benefit, we make an act good. We are the ambassadors of God to the world. And we can show ourselves with one side or another. And also fall under the selected category.

We are either healers, or clairvoyants or palmists or terology. Although, we can be everything!

What we choose in life, and is reflected in our reality.


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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