Around terrace: two projects for one site

House in Scandinavian style is situated in a rural location. The site itself is on a slight slope. Because the garden is adjacent to a dirt road, the family would retreat from the views of passers-by. Another desire of the owners of the area — a cozy terrace for the leisure of the whole family and, of course, a lot of plants.

Green "garden room"In the first version, the designers have created a very cozy "garden room": the space is not overloaded nor the vegetation or landscape elements of all, you can say, just in moderation. Very well matched colors and design: green and white colours, the eye rests, while the neat bright juicy smears put necessary emphasis, without which the palette would be too cool.

The first area aligned and tonirovany, and on the edge of the plot planted a low hedge of beech 'Purpurea', with purple leaves: fence "to heaven" visually would reduce the already small area. And the boundaries marked, and the perspective is maintained.

And to relax on the terrace people feel still snug, near the site from the road side, planted spreading shrub Derain Coase with lush foliage and incredible amount of creamy-white flowers that appear in June.

Under the village lies a flower-Islands in the yellow, purple and silver-gray colors. They "wink" the sage of Asherah, Veronica English, of Fassina Catnip and yarrow targowy. But there is still one "uninhabited" side — from the southern part of the garden. The designers decided to cover the angular wall of natural stone, which also eliminates the slight slope of the site. Inside the garden this design maintains the step path in the lawn. Both elements look like a single ensemble, because they are made of the same material and decorated with the same plant — tansy of Haragana. This cushion-like shrub with pubescent aromatic leaves and numerous yellow flowers that bloom in July — August.

In addition to tansy garden in early summer brighten hydrangea, lilac and viburnum. Here, on the southern side, put in some vines — they also cover the area from the prying eyes of the dense deciduous canopy.

From the hedge of red beech forest, stone walls and trellises with grapes get a fence that looks beautiful all year round.

Veronica eared 'Silberteppich' with silvery leaves and purple buds-"candles" hovering above the plant in June — July, has a cushion shape and is perfect for planting under trees and shrubs.

A world of adventure right outside Domodossola in the family has children, in the second embodiment, landscape designers decided to convert a significant portion of the plot in the play area. Directly from the terrace, stone steps lead to a lookout tower children's wooden house on poles. It is located in the midst of greenery, among tall decorative and berry bushes with delicious fruits for your little sweet-tooth. Closer to the terrace are growing ornamental shrubs with beautiful flowers. A narrow trail from the "sentinel points" runs through "tunnel" of willow and young travelers brings to the sandbox, surrounded by a palisade of colored plastic "logs". Hydrant will make a child's game even more exciting.

And if you want to relax a bit, you are welcome on the hanging bench, attached to a thick bough of the tree. Flower gardens amazing variety of plants that are not demanding in care. Along the terraces grow geranium 'Rozanne' with purple flowers here and there, "shoot" from the green mass of white or purple balls-blossoms decorative bow, and swaying in the wind panicle pennisetum East. Around them spread a carpet of herbs. Under shrubs of sand inhibits weed Vinca minor ‘Bowles’. May lights the bright lights blooming forsythia, and since June the baton to intercept the mock orange and spirea. Fragrant delicious fruit treat adults and children currant, gooseberry and Apple.published




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