The most ancient city in the world

The most ancient cities exist in our time. These places have survived many centuries and have been "tested" by time. The cities can be proud of not only its antiquity, but also the architecture of those ancient times. They can tell their amazing stories.

Susa. Earlier this city was the magnificent capital of the Elamite Empire. The first settlements date back to 4200 BC. The city is located on the territory of Iran. There was the Elamite Empire before the capture of the Assyrian troops. A little later the city was captured by Cyrus the Great of the Achaemenid dynasty. Susa was famous for its theatrical performances, such as the tragedy of Aeschylus "Persians". Today this ancient city is the city of shush, whose population is about 65 thousand people.


Beirut. In the third Millennium BC there appeared the first settlements. The heart of the cultural capital, as well as the entire history of the Lebanese capital, there are five thousand years old. When carried out excavations at this site were found the remains of different settlements: the Ottoman, Phoenician, Arab and Roman. Once ended the civil war in Lebanon, this city became famous among tourists.


Plovdiv. The town was located on the territory of modern Bulgaria. The first settlers recorded in the 4th Millennium BC. At first it was a small settlement called Thracian. Only by accident of time here was located the most important Roman centre. Before Plovdiv began to belong to Bulgaria, he was part of the Byzantine and then the Ottoman Empire. On the territory of Plovdiv has preserved many ruins, including the Roman amphitheatre and aqueduct. Also, tourists are attracted and the Ottoman baths.


Jerusalem. The town itself is in advertising and prior acquaintance is not required. Jerusalem is the third holiest city of the Muslims. It is worth noting that in addition to this, Jerusalem is the spiritual center of the entire Israeli people. In the year 2800 BC, there appeared the first inhabitants. In the city there are several religious sites: the Wailing Wall, the Holy Sepulcher, the mosque of al-Aqsa mosque and the dome of the Rock. Jerusalem went through "fire and water". For its existence, he has been attacked 52 times, he had 23 of the siege and captured the city of 44. It is worth noting that the two times Jerusalem almost wiped off the face of the earth.


Byblos. In this Lebanese town, the first settlers appeared in the 5th Millennium BC. The founders of the city, the Phoenicians called it Hebe. From this city the Greeks received the papyrus, and they called it Byblos. By the way, the word "Bible" originates from here. The city is rich in sights such as the Church of St John the Baptist, built by crusaders in the 12th century, the ancient Phoenician temples, the famous Byblos castle and medieval city wall.published



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