2 effective abdominal exercises


These 2 exercises will make the muscles more attractive shape, which will lead to a relief press.

Exercise as soon as there is a fitball and free time. And to load the abdominal muscles, mentally concentrate on their reductions. Rest should be no more than thirty seconds between sets, completing three sets of each exercise.

Exercises on the ball for abs can perform all, without exception. Any restrictions here.

1. Pulling up his knees. This is an effective exercise to give relief press, which includes in work the entire body, and also shoulder muscles. For him you need a bit of patience to learn to stay on the ball and get used to the new sensations, but after a while you will get easy! During the exercise the back should be smooth.

2. Exercise for oblique abdominal muscles. So, sit on an exercise ball, bending your knees. Put your feet into the floor. Crossing legs forward, rolling the ball under the back. Put your right hand behind your head and perform the following sequence of movements:

  • sharply push the pelvis upwards;
  • suck in your stomach.
  • raise your shoulders;
  • turn left and right shoulder.
All movements first do it with the right hand on the back of his head, then left. Start to swing the press on fitball should be 1-2 sets of 8-10 repetitions. With the development of muscle strength the number of sets you need will increase.

3. Relaxation. After performing these exercises to relax the spine. To do this, simply lie down on the balloon in the form of "bridge" and try to relax all the muscles. Stay in this position for 5-10 minutes.published

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