Find out what energy in Your home

To find out what energy in your apartment, make a few different observations. For example, in the house with good energy slowly dries up bottled water a long time the flowers in the vases, metal objects to touch the cool, wooden and a bit warm.
In the "dark" houses of the fallen coin is not ringing, faster sour milk quickly cools down hot food, the salt dissolves instantly in water, oil is fading away, the candle smokes, its light is torn and goes out.

It is good to check the energy space in the flat pendulum. Do it yourself from any weight of silver, copper or crystal. The main thing that it was only your.

Check the place, asking: "is this a Good spot? Swing back and forth means Yes, side to side, "no." Gradually get away from dirty places and define the borders of it.
On the negative areas you can put any electrical appliances, but not books. They will absorb the negative and pass the reading to the owner.

In place of strong negative energy put the pieces of aspen, oak, birch and spruce trees — they absorb this energy, maple, cherry, Rowan, hazel and juniper can even convert it into a positive. Pieces of trees need to be replaced periodically.
Negative space is also good at night to put a glass of water, and in the morning to pour over the threshold of the apartment. You can put in water silver object or the egg. Use plain water, not Holy.

So the house was always comfortable, clean, quiet and comfortable, learn to be, because all our words, anxiety, negative emotions materialists on the walls, furniture, objects, paintings, even the flowers.

Make the house a vessel, e.g. a pitcher, and mentally put him in a bad mood, sadness and failure. When you feel that the jar is full, throw it in the trash and get a new one.
Do not allow yourself to be angry before you sleep, you create the program for the night and just won't rest. Neutralize a bad mood, a good book, funny movie, good music.

Be sure to get rid of unnecessary things, especially bad energy left over from dead relatives associated with your failures. If you do not use the thing for a year or more, you just do not need.

If you have a particularly bad mood, try to cross the river over a bridge or through shallow stream. Running water has a particular energy qualities, she will cut you any ill-wisher or envious.
In a private house, very useful to hang on the fence of old shoes. For them, clinging to someone else's opinion, and they are the first energy shot. And in a city apartment, you can hang wicker sandals on the wall in the hallway.

Just remember that the house or apartment — not just housing, where we come after work to eat and sleep, and our living space, our territory. It reflects us and we reflect it. We charge the house of his energy, he energizes us.

No wonder they say: "My house — my fortress", "In his own home and walls help!' Get rid of the junk accumulated over the years, dismantle the rubble and then part ways with the past.published

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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