Game giveaway

Once I realized that in order to enter the game unlimited spirit I must lose in the game of the little man. To lose completely cleaned, leaving the human only what is left without the efforts and motives.

That's how I look at life, I jokingly called "the philosophy of a loser" (loser from the English. "losers"). The essence of the approach is the following: all men play checkers, I play in the giveaway. Sitting down to play with any of the people I let him take my checkers. When he wins on the Board are those pieces that are dear to him, and I got nothing. At least in this game. He is happy, and I am grateful.

Sometimes I feel sorry to part with some of the checkers. They seem to me particularly important. Because I inadvertently manage to win. When this happens, I look at the remaining pieces on the Board and analyze what urged me to fight for this victory and what these checkers are better than others. Sometimes immediately, sometimes after a while I realize nothing. Then I laugh overturn a Board. And then almost immediately on the Board again there checkers, ready for a new batch, and before me another player.

I'm not avoiding people and don't think their games are bad. On the contrary, thanks to the people I continue to play, improving the skill of the loser. When I meet somebody that plays better than me, I admire them in the silence of your heart. Watching them is my joy.

The higher the skill – to lose before the game even started. If you meet such a Master, there is simultaneously fear and magnetic attraction. I'm afraid to sit down with him at the same level, but the other way, usually, no. And what happens then, inexplicable: the Master manages to take all of my checkers, while not leaving the Board any of his.

How is that possible!?

Master laughs and says that checkers was not originally. Usually, no one believes him, but the Master is not confused.

If you ask him to explain these words, he can say: the surface is black-and-white Board is the intelligence, the basis of which the dual perception. Checkers – it is thought within it. They exist for as long as you're interested in them. When the interest in checkers will disappear, you will see that they are only figments of the imagination, a Mirage in the endless desert of consciousness. Knowing this, you can neither win nor lose.

I listen to the Master and can do nothing to deny and nothing to confirm. I simply mesmerizing spectacle of an empty Board. published


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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