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Now the Internet is spreading a lot of quotes by famous people about life. There are recommendations from the "just buy a new pair of shoes", there is Eastern wisdom that "and this too shall pass", there are veiled complaints from the "I am normal, but did not get my normal people..." etc.

Many statements of concern from the point of view that readers are impressed, sometimes tolerate this flawed philosophy in my life. But many aphorisms reflecting psychological problems, distortions and misconceptions of their authors, what is the evidence of their lives. Below I have tried to formulate some basic rules of a happy life (as you can see and feel them). No claim to high style – just working guidelines.

Learn to see opportunities. Don't ask yourself: "is THERE an opportunity here for me?" ask: "WHAT opportunities are there for me?". If you need this item seems unimportant, there is no reason to read on.

Find the thing you want to do. Each of us most are easy to open and work on certain channels, you just have to find them. If you do this for a not know, just take the first thing that you do not disgusting (and maybe even interesting). Let's see what happens in practice – a few weeks or months. Not "includes"? Move on to the next interesting activity, try it. And so – until you find something ready to do at any time, even if it's not going to pay!.. This is the job of your dreams. Attention! Lying on the couch, reading books, watching movies and other activities to meet their interests and needs – a good thing, but is not your destiny. You need to find what you will do for others, for this world. Keep the habit to start a new hobby, to expand the range of his interests – there may come a time when the old favorite thing is exhausted and will need to start over in another area.

Cm. the first paragraph and look for opportunities to do a favorite thing for a larger number of people around you. First there will be just a lot of fun and a sense of demand, and at some point you will start it and pay, and the farther the more.

Don't wait when someone will come and see you, get a job or love. A large number of people remained passive in these matters, as a result, all wait for each other, and find those who have been active myself. Initiate communication with those who you are interested in, offer the cooperation of those with whom you want to work, love and show love to those who are dear to you. But always leave a person the right to choose, to respond to your initiative or not.

Invest in the people around, whether it's your favorite, family, friends, colleagues, neighbors or strangers on the street. The more good you do, the more the whole world responds, helping you in your business. Investing, we enter into a state of abundance (even if you have first invested a few strained – the main thing here is to sincerely strive for a pure state), very soon it begins to pour down on us. Be grateful for every person because it helps you to serve the world. And always leave the option to respond to your rich -- ness or not.

Take care of your body: fresh food, physical activity, healthy habits – all is not an empty phrase, you will quickly feel a change in your perception of the world, in emotions and of course body! The energy that formerly went to redress, can now be sent on relationships, work, self-development, the world! Use your will-that revitalizes the life gradually, starting with feasible items. It's better than every year more and more like a wreck, complaining and doing nothing.

Take responsibility for your life. To blame other people when she is not the easiest way, dead end road. Look for the cause just in itself – everything that happens teaches you here and think: what? All of the above will only work if the application of this paragraph! published

Author: Anna Parvati

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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