5 mistakes in dealing with people

Often it so happens that in dealing with different people you have a misunderstanding and, as a consequence – a quarrel or resentment? Find out about their typical mistakes in communication, and it will be much more harmonious!

It seems to us that since childhood we have learned words and learned to put them into sentences, you can easily speak with people without worrying that other people will misunderstand or be offended. After all, we speak the same language! But it is not. To learn to communicate it's never too late! Driven the 5 most common mistakes in communication!

Error 1
In different languages
Each person has their lexical range, which he actively uses. It depends on his upbringing, the environment in which rotates, age and experience. How often do you jar the words of a teenager? It always understands you retired, when you say, "I'm a lobbyist for the firm" or "cool top"?
In dealing with people, try to consider this factor. Use the words that they understand, or disagreement, and even insults, can not be avoided.

Error 2
Verbaly and neverbala
Always do your words match your tone and your gestures? If you say the man dull tone: "a beautiful morning", this phrase is unlikely to improve his mood, but still had a sneaking doubt that you really want to communicate with him. The source in the first place reads the intonation, and then delves into the meaning of your words. And your true intentions give your gestures and posture, and people perceive them on a subconscious level. If they are inconsistent with words, the person is attentive, he begins to suspect you of a secret, obviously unfriendly intentions. Try to keep the meaning of your words and how you pronounce them the same.

Error 3
The fear to clarify
Somehow we are often embarrassed to ask the person what he meant. Perhaps the reason for the awkwardness is the fear of appearing stupid, lame or insensitive. However, when the cost of failure is quite high, it is worth to make an effort and can you clarify: "If I understand you correctly, you want me to bring you a report not later three hours?" Agree: better a moment of awkwardness, than ruined the case!

Error 4
The transfer of mood
Habit of missing the "here and now" can create difficulties in communication. For example, you communicate with a neighbor on a neutral topic, but at the same time, think about troubles at work, for the hundredth time angry at the boss or a colleague. Your experiences will be reflected against your will, and he will feel it. Tone of voice, facial expression, your anger on the chance remark of a neighbor – all this does not apply to her personally, but offends it. Try during a call, to fully immerse yourself in it, discarding thoughts of trivial matters, focus on the source.

Error 5
Spores from scratch
You may do not like the way of thinking of your partner, but you to him now made specific job: to help with the documents, to vacuum the room, to sell a bottle of perfume. However you easily distracted from your goal and accept to argue with him about clothes, politics, celebrities. These disputes only complicate your communication and do not contribute to the achievement of the goal. Consider this: if you matter what political views the doctor treating you? Because you came to him for a prescription from the disease. So talk to him about it.published

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