5 problems self-driving cars

Not long ago, Google has published data on 11 accidents involving driverless cars developed by the company. In the past six months! The question is, when these high-tech machines are ready to "release".

However, according to Stephen Shladover, one of the developers and researchers of driverless cars, is the cause of accidents was people. The human error factor, unfortunately, cannot be prevented.

Steven in his interview with "Live Science" reported that a fully driverless car, able to transport children to school, or blind people in medical institutions, will appear not soon.

"LiveScience" published 5 solutions to five problems of the car:

1) you Need to improve the software

"Driving in the United States safely. On average, accidents occur every 3000 hours of driving. Self-driving cars have to show the best result, being safer," says Stephen Shladover.

Describing the program of the car, the scientist called it "incredibly difficult". Indeed, the error in the program can cost human life... "Google" is actively working in this direction.

2) it is Necessary to improve maps

Self-driving cars Google use well-known Internet company card. They are not always accurate. Google is working on modeling 3-D streets and the downloading of thousands of miles of U.S. highways in its database.

3) it is Necessary to improve sensors

The car needs to react immediately to any changes occurring around, to prevent dangerous situations. Also, it should "learn" to pedestrians at traffic lights or turning cyclists.

4)Need to improve "communication"

Self-driving car will need to interact with other machines on the road. At this stage the development of this function is only beginning to emerge.

5)"friendly robots"

Sometimes the driver has to decide whether to turn right or left. But in emergency situations at stake may be human life. The robotic system must adapt to the situation and find the right solution that will save people.

Stephen Shladover concluded that for any technology is a man in whose hands the fate of millions of potential users of this technology.

Thus, in the near future we will see with my own eyes, to aspire to the world famous giant companies, including Google. published

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Source: newsland.com


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