Cherax pulcher — the world's most beautiful freshwater cancer

Recently, German researchers led by zoologist Christian Lukhaup (Christian Lukhaup) made a statement in the journal ZooKeys that one of the most beautiful in the world of freshwater crustaceans cancer is having an unusual neon color of your armor and dubbed him Cherax pulcher. By the way, "pulcher" in Latin means nothing short of beautiful. The birthplace of this small freshwater crustacean West Papua province in Indonesia. The brightest individuals — this of course males. Adult males of Cherax pulcher have a length of from three to four inches (about 10 cm), female a little smaller and are the color they are more discreet and not so attractive. Appearance and color pulcher differs from other crustaceans that live in West Papua, New Guinea and Australia. All 19 known species of shellfish living in the river waters of Indonesia.

Bright and beautiful carapace of the shrimp is more reminiscent of the intergalactic sky with thousands of twinkling stars or a tropical sunset on the background of dazzling blue sky. Tellingly, the market aquarists about this crustacean is known to many and sell them for more than a decade worldwide, and the shrimp is the dream of many breeders bright exotics. Therefore, the crustaceans to survive in nature not just his life, sweet and serene did not name. In recent years, their population is significantly diminished, it was noticed even by the locals. Zoologists call to take custody of the habitat of such a bright representative of the crustaceans, and aquarists and dealers knock it down a peg in excessive catch animals living in nature, and learn to grow them in captivity.published

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