Yeast: negative impact on human health

One of the wonders of our body is the process of regeneration. For example, if you removed 70% of the liver, then after 3-4 weeks she can fully recover. The epithelium of the intestine is renewed every 5-7 days, with a very large speed changes the epidermis of the skin, etc.

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The main condition for successful flow of regeneration — the lack in the body of fermentation processes. As scientists have found that fermentation in the body is called mainly by yeast. Ordinary yeast fungus does not survive in the human body due to the high temperature of the body. But thanks to the efforts of geneticists in the early 60-ies was bred a special kind of heat-resistant yeast, perfectly reproducing even at a temperature of 43-44 degrees.

Yeast is not only able to withstand the onslaught of phagocytes that are responsible for immunity, but to kill them. Multiply in the body with great speed, the yeast consume the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract and are a kind of "Trojan horse" that allows penetration of all pathogenic microorganisms in the cells of the digestive tract and then into the blood and into the body as a whole. Regular consumption of fermentation products leads to chronic micropathology, to lower the body's resistance, increase of sensitivity to ionizing radiation, fatigue of the brain, susceptibility to the effects of carcinogens and other exogenous factors that Deplete the body. In addition, scientists believe that the yeast disrupt normal cellular reproduction, provoke a chaotic proliferation of cells with formation of the tumor.

The first opening was declared by the Germans. Professor, University of Cologne Hermann wolf for 37 months grew a malignant tumor in vitro with a solution of yeast-like fungi. The size of the tumor had tripled in one week, but as soon as the solution was removed yeast the tumor dies. Hence, it was concluded that the yeast extract contains a substance that determines the growth of cancer cells!

During the First world war, German scientists worked hard on the project "Der kleine Morder" (little killer) to create biological weapons on the basis of yeast. According to their plan yeast fungus after being hit in the body was to poison people with their waste products: paralytic acids or as they are popularly called, ptomaine.

Modern microbiologists firmly believe that the fermentation processes taking place in the body thanks to the yeast, are the cause of low immunity and cancer.

In connection with the deteriorated environment of the yeast mutate, creating unknown subspecies, and, therefore, on the evidence of the usefulness or harmfulness of each of the species required more than one year, and this complicates research in this area. While doctors suggest to refrain from yeast.

Thermophilic yeasts and their negative impact on health

So, to recap: the yeast Saccharomyces (thermophilic yeast), the different races, which are used in alcohol industry, brewing and baking, in a wild state do not occur in nature, that is, the creation of human hands.

They are morphologically the simplest of marsupials fungi and microorganisms.

Saccharomyces, unfortunately, are more sophisticated than the tissue cells, independent of temperature, pH, air content.

Even when destroyed by lysozyme of saliva sheath cells, they continue to live.

Production of Baker's yeast is based on their propagation in liquid nutrient mediums prepared from molasses (waste from sugar production).

Technology is a monstrous, antiprirodnaya. Molasses is diluted with water, treated with bleach, acidified by sulfuric acid, etc.

Strange methods, admittedly, are used to prepare a food product, moreover, if we consider that in nature there are natural yeast, hop, for example, malt, etc.

Now let's see what kind of disservice have a thermophilic yeast our body.

Scientists in Canada and UK established the ability to kill yeast.

Cells Keeler, the killer cells of the yeast kill sensitive, less protected cells by highlighting them toxic proteins of small molecular weight.

Toxic protein acts on the plasma membrane, increasing their permeability to pathogens and viruses.

The yeast cells first enter the digestive tract, and then into the bloodstream.

Thus, they become the Trojan horse by which the enemy gets into our body and contributes to undermining his health.

Thermophilic yeast is so reactive and tenacious that in 3-4 times using their activity only increases.

It is known that when baking bread, the yeast is not destroyed, but stored in capsules of gluten.

Once in the body, they begin their destructive activities.

It is now well known in the art that when propagating yeast ascospores are formed, which, when they are in our digestive tract and then entering into the blood stream, destroy the cell membranes, contributing to cancer.

Modern people consume a lot of food, but eats with difficulty. Why?

Yes, because alcoholic fermentation carried out by yeast, without oxygen, the process is uneconomical, wasteful from a biological point of view, as from one molecule of sugar is allocated only 28 kcal, while broad oxygen is released 674 kcal.

Yeast multiply in the conditions of the body exponentially and allow pathogenic microflora actively live and breed, inhibiting the normal microflora, which in the intestine can be produced with proper nutrition and vitamins, and essential amino acids.

At the conclusion of the academician F., Uglova yeast components, popadaya in food, provoke the production in the body additional ethanol.

It is possible that this is one of the factors that reduce human life.

Develops acidosis, which promotes released during alcoholic fermentation acetaldehyde and acetic acid, which is the end product of the transformation of alcohol.

During the period of complementary feeding baby yogurt to ethanol breast milk kefir is added ethanol.

In terms of adult male equivalent, this is equivalent to daily consumption of vodka from shot glasses to cups and more. So the process of alcoholization of Russia.

Our country was the only one in the world out of 212 countries in the world with large-scale feeding of children of alcoholic kefir. Think about it, who needs it?

Directed against human health the Union of yeast and lactic acid bacteria cause the body ultimately to decompensated stage of acidosis.

An extremely interesting study of V. M. Dilman, proving that the oncogene gas contains yeast, Kaugnay A. G. and A. A. Boldyrev for his research confirmed the message étain SNCF wolf that yeast bread stimulates tumor growth.

V. I. Grinev draws attention to the fact that in the United States, Sweden and other countries unleavened bread has become commonplace and recommended as a means of prevention and treatment of cancer.

Let us consider what happens in our body when it penetrate the yeast.

Grossly impaired activity of all organs of digestion during fermentation, especially caused by the yeast.

The fermentation is accompanied by the decay, microbial flora develops, injured brush border, pathogens can easily penetrate through the intestinal wall and enter the bloodstream.

Slowing the evacuation of toxic mass of the body, formed gas pockets, where stagnate fecal stones.

They gradually grow into the mucous and submucous layers of the intestine.

Continues to increase intoxication by the waste products of bacteria, bacteremia (when they are inseminated our blood).

The secret of the digestive system loses its protective function and reduces digestive.

Insufficiently digested and synthesized vitamins are not absorbed adequately trace elements and the most important of them is calcium, there is a strong leakage of calcium to neutralize the destructive action of excess acids that appear as a result of aerobic fermentation.

The use of yeast in food products not only contributes to carcinogenesis, i.e. the formation of tumors, but also constipation, aggravating the carcinogenic situation, the formation of clots, sand, stones in the gall bladder, liver, pancreas; fatty infiltration of organs or the contrary — dystrophic phenomena and ultimately leads to pathological changes in major organs.

A serious signal about the running acidosis is the increase of cholesterol in the blood beyond normal.

The depletion of the buffer systems of blood leads to the fact that free of excess acid can injure the inner lining of the blood vessels.

Cholesterol in the form of a putty material is used to balanced on the wheel defects.

During fermentation, which cause the thermophilic yeast, there are not only negative physiological changes, but even anatomical.

Normal heart and lungs and underlying organs — stomach and liver and pancreas have a powerful massaging energy stimulus from the diaphragm, which is the main respiratory muscle, flying up to the 4th and 5th intercostal space.

When yeast fermentation aperture does not perform oscillating movements, is an emergency position, the heart is horizontal (in position of relative rest), it is often rotated (that is, deployed relative to its axis), the lower lobes of the lungs squeezed, all the organs of digestion clamped extremely bloated gases, deformed intestines, is often the gallbladder leaves his bed, even changing shape.

Normal aperture, performing oscillatory motion, contributes to the creation of passivhauses pressure in the chest that draws blood from the lower and upper extremities and head for cleansing the lungs.

By limiting its excursion. All this together contributes to the growth of stagnation in the members of the lower limbs, pelvis and head and eventually varicose veins, thrombosis, trophic ulcers and further decrease in immunity.

As a result the person becomes and the plantation for the growth of viruses, fungi, bacteria, rickettsiae (mites).

When employees of the company "Vivaton" he worked at the Institute of circulation pathology in Novosibirsk, they have received compelling evidence from the academician Meshalkin and Professor of Litsevoi about what the negative indirect impact of yeast fermentation on the activity of the heart.

A small excursion into the anatomy

Doctors often referred to the liver, right heart.

Normally, the liver produces about 70% of the lymph, which flows into the right chamber of the heart, enriching the blood lymphocytes actively phagocytic cells, vitamins, trace elements, balancing the venous blood, making it acid-base balance and bringing the quality to the blood.

During fermentation the liver fails to cope with its functions, and venous blood poorly cleaned.

Therefore, scientists note with regret that in our arterial blood, which normally should be sterile, microorganisms, helminth eggs, Rickettsia (mites) and many other undesirable aliens.

During a lecture at the Sechenov Institute doctors have enriched our knowledge about the negative consequences of eating yeast products with new evidence.

When sowing exudates from the ear, nose and throat, they found a huge amount of yeast, which a few decades ago were noted.

Now let's see the impact of yeast fermentation and its consequence — acidosis on blood components.

If acidosis in the membranes of red blood cells appear the hatches, the cells are deformed in plasma appears Tina, slows the movement of blood through the microvessels, formed a stagnation, microthrombuses, there are defects in the intima (inner lining of blood vessels), cramps, disturbed metabolism, reduced immune defense of the body.

In bone hematopoietic tissue degenerative changes occur, disrupted transmembrane exchange, changes the biochemical composition of blood, are particularly affected lymphocytes and lymphatic channel where the reaction is alkaline.

Slowing of lymph flow, leading to regional lymphostasis (local stagnation), edema, nervous tissue undergoes various degenerative changes.

The condition of acidosis opens the gate to the infection.

Microbial, fungal, viral, parasitic flora easily introduced into the body, often before the time staying in the cells in L-form (virus-like), and then rapidly multiplies and the blood spreads throughout the body.

Increasing the aging process, the wear rate of the organism, while nature has given him the ability to regenerate itself.

For example, brush border of the small intestine is able to update every 5-6 days, myocardium — every 30 days, protein structures of brain cells is from 1 to 16 days.

If acidosis develops chronic stress, depleted buffers of the blood: bicarbonate, phosphate, protein, Lupin, ammonium (normal blood plasma contains 11.6 µmol per liter).

Buffer systems of blood in norm is able to maintain the acid-alkaline balance — the basis of the constancy of the change in the internal environment — homeostasis — timely binding and excretion of excess nonvolatile acids.

In blood plasma in abundance buffers the acidosis disappears in seconds, when you release the excess acids through the lungs needs minutes, during the liberation from them of the urinary organs and the rectum — the-clock.

The state of the buffer system depends on the human spirit first and foremost, of breathing, feeding, sleep, water treatments and exercise.

Especially traumatic to get in stress, irritation.

Paralytic poisons non-volatile (lactic, acetic, formic and other acids) are lowered at night and linger in the venous line of the lower limbs in the horizontal position, they rise up and beat on the thin places, is manifested by pain, spasms, shortness of breath, insomnia, weakness.

The situation is exacerbated by the fact that the fermentation caused by yeast, stopping the aperture to apply the blood for purification to the lungs.

We will remind, the body always strives to maintain the constancy of its internal environment — homeostasis. But it is especially important to maintain a constant composition of blood.

Values of acid-base balance pH of blood of a healthy person varies in a very narrow range from 7.35 to 7.45. and even a small change can lead to illness.

Develops acidosis — a shift of blood to the acid side.

It disrupts the normal course of metabolic reactions. It is therefore important to ensure that the reaction of the blood was more alkaline than acidic.

Constant excess acid inside the body leads to the corrosion of tissues.

In order to counter this, is to reduce the concentration of the acid and bring it out of vital organs, the body retains water, this negatively affects the metabolism.

The body wears out faster, the skin becomes dry and wrinkled.

Alkaline reaction should have not only blood and all other fluids and tissues of the body.

The only exception is the stomach: the presence in it of a certain quantity of acid is necessary for digestion. Stomach inside is covered with a special mucous membrane, resistant to acid.

However, if the person is abusing yeast foods and acid-forming foods, the stomach can not long resist it — the burn will lead to the formation of ulcers, there will be pain and other signs of indigestion can be a common symptom is heartburn.

He suggests that the excess acid from the stomach coming back up into the esophagus.

During digestion, the interaction between acids and alkalis in the course of the digestive tract. published 

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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