Ricoh engineers have created electricity-generating elastomer

Specialists of the Japanese company Ricoh has introduced a unique flexible material that can generate electricity under the influence of pressure and/or vibration.

The novelty has received the name of EGR (Energy-Generating Rubber or energy generating rubber). The product combines the best features of existing ceramic and polymeric materials, and also uses the piezoelectric effect to generate electricity. According to the Ricoh, one of the key benefits of the EGR is that this material is much cheaper and easier to manufacture than any other already assigned in the market of piezoelectric generators.

Unfortunately, this is almost all new material from the Ricoh to the present moment had to share with the public. The Japanese hope to further the development of technology and the transformation of EGR in a commercially viable product in the near future. The company has joined forces with the University of Tokyo for further improvements and realizing the potential of the material.published


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