3 mistakes of winter driving, you need to remember!

About driving and traveling in autumn-winter period say very much. But still, each of us makes these mistakes over and over again, endangering the lives of his passengers and pedestrians. Make life safer!

1. Each climate has its own rubber

The first mistake — the wrong footwear for the wheels. At the first onset of cold weather is necessary to replace the tires. Moreover, in some regions of our vast country has introduced a special regime of "trapping" motorists have not replaced the tires.

Unfortunately, with winter tires include studded, and the so-called Velcro. "Velcro" is not a panacea, because it does not provide for the proper grip icy roads. No rubber at zero temperature do not provide complete contact (adhesion such as in summer) on ice, snow or frozen pavement. Thus, about stability on the frozen road can be forgotten.

It is also worth remembering that any rubber requires skill, addiction, care. And even an infinite amount of studs will not provide the same contact with the road in the summer.

2. All-wheel drive is not a panaceaunfortunately, the calculation of the four-wheel drive car is also not always justified. There is no scheme of a full drive, which guarantees stability in any corner, on any road, at any speed. As winter tires, four-wheel drive — a tool that should be able to use. And no the jeep does not provide a stable driving on icy roads on summer rates and with years of carelessness.

3. Automation will not replace the rules of the roadThird error — ABS. The system increases the braking distance. On a dry, clean road is almost imperceptible or imperceptible at all. In winter, due to the anti-lock braking system braking distance increases by 2-3 meters at low speeds. At the high speeds usual braking distance may increase by 15 meters.


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Source: lifehacker.ru/2015/11/01/zimnee-vozhdeniye/


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