Pharmacy at the door

The best places around the house was given before private peasant gardens. Farmers there cultivated medicinal herbs, herbs for kitchen, vegetables and fruits that were used then, "out the door". Peasant gardens not only had the task to produce food, they performed the function of "pharmacy" in front of the door and had, therefore, to the family's health of great importance.

A rich selection of herbs makes peasant garden in each yard inexhaustible source of diverse medicines, so the doctors and midwives often find it difficult to get to, and it took a long time until they get to the point.

Each peasant had their own recipes, which she prepared medicinal ointments, tinctures, compresses, plasters, and teas. Farmers have passed on these recipes from generation to generation mostly within the same family, and over time has improved them. Mint, lemon balm and marshmallow was preparing tea and cough passed. Meanwhile, an excellent effect of Althea with sore throat, temperature and cough is investigated and scientifically proven.

Herbs have been used not only in acute diseases and in purely medical purposes but also for cooking. In a variety of dishes were used, depending on the location and taste more or less herbs (lovage, thyme, garlic, etc.). Many people know now these herbs are just as spicy. Thus, these plants are especially important in medicinal plants, which are unconsciously used by many.

For example, lovage improves appetite, stimulates digestion and acts as a diuretic. Fresh thyme bactericidal effect and their properties, improves digestion, makes many of the dishes, especially meat and sausages, more digestible. Maybe this is the basis of the fact that these dishes so it blends in well taste? Finally, svezhepriobretenny garlic acts as an antibacterial and antimicrobial agent (that is, against fungal diseases). Moreover, with the regular use of garlic even reduces blood pressure. In conclusion, garlic is a wonderful drug to prevent thrombosis, because it acts biting for blood clots in the blood vessels. Antimicrobial effect of garlic is also used to protect plants. Garlic tea (a couple of heads of crushed garlic to brew and infuse for 1 day) may very well be used in all fungal diseases (e.g. powdery mildew).

On the farm medicinal herbs come to the rescue in diseases of animals. Calendula, for example, grew all over the yard on their own. It softens the damage of all kinds, contributes to the miraculous healing and inhibits inflammation. Farmers successfully used the calendula in the treatment of cows. In addition, calendula has great action and on the earth itself. She expels the food selection roots – nematodes – which can be very harmful to the roots, if they occur in very large quantities.published


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