The battery for solar recharge saves 20% energy

American engineers from Ohio state University have created a battery design that is able to save 20% energy compared to traditional lithium-ion batteries. These 20% savings provides an integrated design solar panel placed on top of the battery.

Battery belongs to a new class of flow batteries with circulating inside them a water electrolyte.

Integrated solar panel also has a number of features. In the first prototype of the battery used solar panel made of titanium mesh. This allowed air to flow through it and cool the battery.

New design due to the use of water and lithium iodide does not need air to function properly. So the solar panel in the solid and thus more effective (sensitized dye).

In General, the unique battery design from American engineers opens up new prospects for energy storage. Because researchers from all over the world for years trying to optimize aqueous flow batteries.

During testing, the researchers compared the work of the "sun" and the traditional lithium-ion battery, charging and discharging them 25 times in a row. Every time both batteries were given at the time of discharge 3.3 V.

However, the main difference is that the battery, solar panels were given the same 3.3 V, the lithium-ion competitor, but he was charged only to 2.9 In — difference compensated for photovoltaic panels. A typical battery should be charged to 3.6 V.

Work on the improvement of the new battery lasts. The developers are trying to increase the contribution of solar cells to 20% energy savings, up to 100%.

Patented design, according to developers, is fully compatible with modern batteries, it is easily integrated into the production process, environmentally safe and easy to operate.

Scientists hope that in the future through their development even possible to charge electric vehicles.published


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