Homemade peanut butter

We offer delicious and useful analogue of the nut butter without added refined sugar. This paste goes well with fruit bruschetta, and it can be added to porridge.


  • Nuts макадамия150 g
  • Nuts кешью100 g
  • Maple сироп20 ml
  • Ваниль1, struck
Cooking method: Fry cashew nuts on a dry pan on medium heat for 10 minutes. Slightly cool and place in a blender along with the macadamia nuts. Grind nuts until the consistency of thick cream, add the maple syrup and vanilla seeds. For this pod, you need to cut along and remove the seeds with a sharp tip of a knife. Again all whisk and pour into a clean, resealable jar. Store paste in the refrigerator. published

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Source: kitchenmag.ru/recipes/3612-domashnyaya-orehovaya-pasta


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