Look for people passionate, strong, happy

Look for people passionate, strong, happy... They're like stars! Look for your people. They are also scary and painful. They also come in black days, errors and breakdowns. But they are ready to go through fear, they affect the course of things, set the pace of life. They are something better, something worse. They are not jealous and don't complain. They gratefully greet the gifts and love myself for good luck he smiles.

Looking for faithful and honest. Who rejoice wholeheartedly, laugh loudly and freely, melodious and contagious. Who do not hide and are not ashamed of their fun. Look for those whom you will love forever.

Look for those who is waiting for your love. With which you will merge the two lake and get sea. Look for those in whom the lot of life. Look for ringing and juicy, with mashinkami and wrinkles. Look in parks and on stages, sad and cheerful, little and big. They're a little children, they go through life with faith in goodness, but I see it all, of course, black and white, but live for yellow, red, blue... Search for them. It is only necessary to lift the head.published

© Turov Julian Miller

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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