So what is osteochondrosis?

If you are old-fashioned therapist diagnosed "osteochondrosis", then you know that it is not a definitive diagnosis as such. This only indicates that with the spine there are problems, for example how to talk about any problems in the body if there is temperature or abdominal pain. Behind these problems lie current diagnoses, the variety of which, in the same spine, may take more than one page just to list them. Each of them requires individual approach and treatment.

So what is osteochondrosis?

The Greek word osteon means "bone", chodros —cartilage. Medical end of "oz" (lat. ?sis) is a disease. Osteochondrosis is a degenerative process that usually starts in the intervertebral disc, with a gradual (phased) engage elements and structures as the vertebral-motor segment, and the entire spine as a whole. With the development of degradation, this process may selectively cover not only the vertebral segments, but in General, a particular section of the spine, causing certain neurological syndromes. And this, in turn, may trigger the development of other diseases that ultimately lead to the deterioration of the body as a whole.

Know which degenerative changes occur in the spine, preferably to everyone, care about their health and the health of their loved ones. At least there are two good reasons.For clarity, the subject matter will complete the following information. The Latin word "degenerare" means "degenerate", "go to seed", "disappear". The medical term "degeneration" is used to refer to the weakening and loss of the special functions of cells, tissue or organ. The word "dystrophy" is Greek in origin, formed from the prefix dis- (lat. dis-, GK. dys -, respectively time-, not-), denoting a violation of, loss, the absence of what has been called the basis; and also the Greek. trophe — food. That is, the dystrophy is a disturbance of the nutrition of tissues and internal organs, the whole organism leading to exhaustion. Destructio Latin word means "destruction." In pathology this term refers to the destruction of tissue, cellular and subcellular structures.

First, the civilization in which we are privileged to live, albeit facilitated in some sense the work of people, however, provoked a sedentary, mainly sedentary way of life, which naturally caused a significant increase in the number of people with diseases of the spine.

Moreover, if these diseases are mostly observed in the elderly, but now they began to manifest itself in working-age population, and that is particularly sad in children and adolescents. Secondly, unfortunately, the current society is a consumer society, where human health and sometimes life, are turning to the disposable, piece goods: for what bought for that and sold. And while the society will change people for the better and, accordingly, will not change such ideological attitudes, knowledge about the processes that occur in its own body or may occur in the near future, nobody hurt. The health of a person is one, and it sometimes determines the fate. But merchants, extols his goods for health, very much. In this bustling Bazaar touts to distinguish a quality product from a fake is possible only when people are armed with knowledge, or has some experience.

From the book "the Osteochondrosis for the professional patient" published


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