40 simple ideas for games with children that leave vivid memories

Cooperative play is an incredibly simple way to keep the memories of a child a bright trace and strengthen motor skills, logic and relationship!

Running with the "egg". The ball ping-pong table put on a teaspoon and run around the apartment, trying to keep the ball on the spoon. From 3 years.

Talkers. Quickly speak. Who can longer? From 3 years.

Fast uptake. One player quickly calls a word. The other immediately have to say that to him in connection with this came to mind. Then change roles. 4 years of age.

The veterinary hospital. Soft toys laid in bed and cure: bandages, give medication, measure the temperature, put the compresses, etc. From 3 years.

Grimiruetsya. Coloring the face in front of the mirror in the bathroom. 4 years of age.

Give us the names. For each finger come up with some funny name. 2 years of age.

Keep the balance. With arms extended to the sides with your hands going as a tightrope Walker, on the very edge of the carpet. From 3 years.

Score. Rope referred to in the carpet the gate. With some removal thrown in a shot the balls of ping-pong. Each hit earns a point. From 3 years.

Guessing about people. Looking out the window. Invent about the people we see below, varied history. 4 years of age.

Playing the witch. Of string put round. It — witch house, where one of the players — the witch lies in wait for prey. Others creep around the witch's house. When the witch comes out, all very quickly run away. 2 years of age.

Game Ghost. All wrapped in white shawls and circling through the apartment like ghosts, with terrifying sounds. 4 years of age.

A game dog. One player choose a dog. Others lead him on a leash throughout the apartment. 2 years of age.

Game in steps. Climb the stairs step by step. Each new step we come up with the name. From 5 years.

Game with magnet. The magnet is placed under paper and paper coin. Magnet move the coin on the paper. 4 years of age.

Game in forfeits. Collected from the players forfeits. Others ask: "What must be done by the player who owns this funt?" From 3 years.

Play in traffic. Thick brush and paints to paint large sheet of paper streets. When paint is dry, begin to circle the roads of the toy car. 2 years of age.

Playing ice cream shops. Fill the Cup with yogurt, fruit juice, yogurt, etc. and freeze. Ice cream decorate and serve. From 3 years.

Playing hide and seek. One is hiding in the apartment, and the others must find him. 2 years of age.

Play cops and robbers. Hiding in a room a few items. Returning to the room, players must find the missing. 4 years of age.

Toy money. Put coins under the paper. With a soft pencil on top of three coins. Paper money cut. From 5 years.

The depicted snake. The more players, the better. Running around the apartment for each other. The guide tells players what they should do, for example to crawl around the table or tumbling around the room. From 3 years.

Looking for pictures. The player looks out for itself in the picture book some picture. Others have to guess. 2 years of age.

Looking for a wedding ring. The ring is discreetly put in the fist of the other player. You have to guess which hand hid the ring. 4 years of age.

Pictures-blots. Splash ink on paper. Paper folded inside the blot, then re-deploy. From prints to draw a picture. From 3 years.

Swing. One lies on a blanket, others raise it higher and swing. From 5 years.

Skittles. The cubes are placed on the carpet, like skittles, and bring them down a tennis ball. 2 years of age.

Glued collage. Newspaper or magazine pages, torn to pieces. This wycliffes color collage. From 3 years.

Room out of the box. Of the Shoe cardboard boxes do room. Draw on paper furniture cut and pasted it in the box. From 5 years.

Crib from matchboxes. Of matchbooks master beds, paper cut similar-sized pads, and blankets. Draw on paper men cut and stacked in the crib. From 5 years.

Who's next to blow. When the wind blows on bottle caps so that they flew as far as possible. From 3 years.

Tape Domino. The dominoes of dominoes drawn up one behind the other in a long strip, placing them on the short edge. When the tape is ready, the first Domino pushed. All the dominoes are falling, turning over one after another. 2 years of age.

We make animals out of paper. On stiff paper draw any animals. Cut. Glue the strip of cardboard as a stand. From 5 years.

Master pictures book. Cut out pictures from a catalog or magazine. Pasted in a notebook and decorate the cover. 4 years of age.

Master boats. From make walnut shell boats: glue paper triangular sails. Boats allowed to swim in the basin or in the bath. When the wind blows them in different directions. 2 years of age.

Mother and child (father and child). With the roles adults play children, and Vice versa. 2 years of age.

Mosaic. Of paper to cut a rectangle. Then cut it into 10 pieces of different shapes. The pieces shuffle. Again make a rectangle from the pieces. From 5 years.

Strung hearts. Cut out hearts from colored paper. Each heart bore a hole and strung on a string. Chain suspended. From 5 years.

Hum. One of the players begins to hum the melody. Others have to learn it. From 3 years.

Decorate dolls. Make from scraps of outfits for the dolls. 4 years of age.

Outline the hand. Hand put on paper. Pencil outlines the contour. Cut and paint colourful patterns. From 5 years.published


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