Ayurveda: methods of assessing the health of the language

To determine if you have good health, you need only to pay attention to how you feel during the day.

  • If you are comfortable in your body?

  • Is it easy?

  • Whether its movement?

  • You have a lot of body energy?

  • Do you feel that the energy just overwhelms you that you are ready to inspire and help others?

If you answered "Yes!" to most questions, you probably are really healthy.

But there are other ways of checking your health condition. We don't need any thermometers or syringes: all you need is a mirror!

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Ayurvedische say: "Show me your tongue and I will tell you guys." Morning analysis of language — an Ayurvedic method of health assessment.

When I was little, my parents (they are doctors) always told me to tongue if I complained of feeling unwell. More than 10 years later, I finally began to understand what they were looking for... a Language is a detailed health map! Exactly the same as the entity language changes colors, shades, forms and surface textures. As in reflexology, all the organs relate to specific areas of the language. The language may reflect a lack of minerals or vitamins, inflammation and its localization, stagnant processes, and more.

Practicing Ayurveda doctors can perform a complete health analysis by examining the language of the patient. Dr. Vasant Lad says that the language contains a huge amount of information, and that each person must learn to read the messages of the body in its own language.

It takes years to learn the subtleties, but there are some General guidelines that everyone can use to assess the level or overall health.

What you need to pay attention:

• Teeth imprints around the contour of the language − impaired absorption of nutrients. Your digestive system is not very happy! To stimulate digestion in a natural healthy drink fresh ginger tea, avoid cold drinks and start to pay attention to the product combination.

• Trembling tongue − a sign of anxiety or fear, maybe it's a disorder of Cotton. We live in a society so high stress that anxiety can get to you when you are unaware. It can even be your permanent state and you are so used to it that you can't see the difference. Forgot when the last time you awoke refreshed and were happy to start their day? I knew it! It is time to have a rest from caffeine, drink chamomile tea and nourish your nervous system with warm, quickly absorbed light soups and bean dishes.

• Thick grayish coating − toxins in the colon. This means that your colon is full of sediments, which do not belong there and which are spreading toxins in the blood, makes you sluggish, the skin gray, and the mind clouded. And if you've thought that things with your health are not bad, that grayish coating on the tongue is a significant reason to reconsider its menu. Heavy, oily and processed food is your enemy, she is slowly but surely ruining your health. There is no need to fast if you are ready for it, but make a vegetable or fruit at least one day. Choose foods that are easily digested. If it is vegetable day, prefer thermally processed vegetables. The same applies to fruit: baked apples with cinnamon − the perfect dish for such occasions. You will not feel hungry or tired because apples contain lots of natural sugars and fiber. Thanks to them you will be simultaneously fed and full of energy. Your body will glow from the inside out the next day that you might want to "Apple" pleasure more and more. You do have a rest from work, why not give the day off and your digestive system?

Dr Lad advises to look at the language in the morning before brushing your teeth. He also strongly recommends daily cleaning of a tongue scraper. Why go with a ton of toxins in your mouth, if you can just clean them?!

I'm glad if could give a little bit of knowledge that will be useful. And remember that it is on the basis of their personal observations you will be able to consciously change their way of life. published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

Source: www.spinachandyoga.com/ru/chto-govorit-vash-ayzik-ayurveda/


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