Can robots make beautiful manicure?

ROBOTS have the Robots not only work in factories, nursing, make "smart" our home, but also bring the beauty to the masses. In particular, getting a manicure. We decided to find out what robot masters for nails already on the market, what they can do, and then take the bread out of manicures?


At the international exhibition of robots that make life easier for the elderly population, the printer for nail decoration introduced in 2013.

During the exhibition, the robot automatically to accurately perform all actions, it does not hurt the cuticle. This is a very neat mechanism. According to the developers Funai Electric, your device they wanted to show that robots are not just machines for work in large industries. They can perform various tasks.


"Robo Nailist" with incredible accuracy imposes layers of varnish, and then decorates them with small rhinestones.



NAB (the Nail Art Bot) is more than 30 kg of pure metal, more than 800 parts, 4 months of hard work. It is this description of machine is given in the commercial. It represents a design in which you place the bottle of varnish. Then it automatically opens the vial, lift up the brush and causes the Polish on the nail. This mechanism still exists in a single copy and the link creators Lorand Pavai and Botond Kadar more details tell about the "revolutionary development in the field of nail design".



PRINTER FOR DECORATION of NAILS IN Japan have created a 3D printer that prints nail decor to a new level. The design is called "Transforming" ("Transfiguration") and offers fashionistas the option 521 manicure. Surprisingly, 3D-printed nails you can get in 90 seconds. Next, you need only observe how the manicure changes color, shape, structure. In another way, as a work of art, can not call it!

Led the process of creating printer manicurist Hatsuki Furutani supported by a team of technical professionals from Taiyo Kikaku Co. Ltd. Using the three-dimensional printing technology, they have developed every detail of the nail, down to the smallest elements (some of them the size of the whole of 0.56 cm). What came out of it, you can see in the video:




It should be noted that this is not the only printer that solves a similar problem.

In particular, the widespread printer EGET. It belongs to the representatives of the latest generation of 3D devices. EGET can be found in various beauty salons, buy them private masters and even establish the gift and flower shops. The printer works on inkjet technology and can move the head in four directions. In the process, creates only the printing element, leaving the object, which is applied to the picture, still. The printer uses a special EGET IRTS-gel.


It is not known just how soon these machines will be released to the mass market.


Assessing the capabilities of robotic manicure, edition Robohunter highlighted the pros and cons of such revolutionary developments.


  • Compactness. Unlike most other robots, "manicure" are compact in size. It gives the opportunity not only to set them in the salons. Fitters can take them with you, leaving the house to the client.
  • Efficiency and quick payback. Such a robot is purchased only once, and the master of manicure need to pay monthly salary. Besides, supplies are small value. Minimal turns and time spent on the job. For example, a 3D printer EGET will make you a beautiful manicure in 2 minutes.
  • Durability. You can be sure that the robotic master of manicure will be to work not less than 10 years.


  • Accuracy. It would not have been a programmed robot, the human factor cannot be avoided. So, if a client make a careless movement, there is a risk that the machine will damage the skin or will ruin the nail.
  • Individual approach. Many women prefer one master who knows their pens and wishes. That is why not everyone will be able to go directly from human to machine, and some it does not succeed. Therefore, it is unlikely that the profession of manicurist become obsolete. At least in the near future. But, undoubtedly, robotic tips is something new in the nail decoration, and it is possible that the list of its advantages in the future will be expanded. published

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