Why Coca-Cola failed advertising campaign in Saudi Arabia?

Interesting story that will be instructive for many. So, Saudi Arabia has sent a large advertiser Coca-Cola for the presentation of new products and the advertising campaign.

Having met his American team, they decided to do something clear and simple, the Arab they did not know, and to the inclusion of the nuances of translation is not wanted. Have been proposed a great concept: a triptych of posters (3 poster in a row). Their content was in sense the same as you see in the picture above. That is, the first poster shows lying on the heat in the desert a person completely exhausted. The second poster he drinks Coke. And the third fit and healthy go for it. It was very nicely rendered, printed, and rackline throughout the city. But the ad campaign failed miserably. Why? Despite the fact that the idea itself is good, simple and clear, and the implementation was of high quality — American team did not realize one fact... In Saudi Arabia people read from right to left... posted

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