8 words-parasites, who can tell a lot about your character

Very often in the speech of the people there are such words that do not carry any meaning. And these words “the speaker” repeats, it happens so often that “my ears hurt” from his stories. In addition, these words show a low culture of speech, disrespectful to the audience and even the level of intelligence. Although we will not exclude the possibility that occasionally the words-parasites can emerge from embarrassment or excitement to the audience. In any case, be careful, because extra words may still have something to say about your character.

1. “By the way” Is the word most often used by people who suffer from deficiency of attention. Getting into a new environment, they can use “the way” and the embarrassment which the word cover. Remember, not every “way” will be quite handy.

2. “In short,” Lovers of the word peculiar impatience, haste, nervousness, aggressiveness and short temper. Also, this word is characteristic of overly talkative people.

3. “This is the” Lazy opposers to perform their duties and do their work often resort to this highly irritating word. These people cannot be trusted and yet they are very impulsive, can easily evade responsibility, shifting the blame on others.

4. “Actually” “Actually” as a characteristic of insecure people who because of this uncertainty they love to roll scandals on an empty place.

5. “In fact,” Here the opposite is true — this phrase are arrogant egotists who think that you know better and can do. These people seriously agree with others, they find it difficult to make friends because they are the only and unique in the world, and the rest — only environment designed for their performances.

6. “Like” This parasite is a sign of creative nature, which spend much time in his own imaginary world. In this way these people accentuate his isolation from society, and that any event in their lives is relative.

7. “Just” Is the word-a parasite often appears in the speech of people who do not have an independent opinion. Such people are dependent on others and are usually afraid to take responsibility. They are characterized by frequent excuses that do not add to them of respect from friends and acquaintances.

8. “Type” and “means” These two words are typical of the speech of real conservatives. They oppose any innovation, and his opinion is supported by the aggression towards the source.

Not to drop the person in the eyes of the people around you, you should pay attention to its speech and exclude the words-parasites, which do not add meaning, but not very clearly emphasize the best sides of your character. published

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