Ochre in the interior: the naturalness and compatibility with many shades

Ochre — what strange and mysterious color lies behind this short name? We are in daily life to constantly meet him, but know him not very much. But this color is the natural pigment, which is found in almost every warm tint. Ochre called natural pigment resulting from mixing clay with the iron, which depends on how red it will have a tint.

And clay gives skewed to the yellow side than its composition more, the color more neutral. Even the archaic drawings of ancient people were made with this pigment.

There are several shades of ochre:

  • yellow;
  • gold;
  • red.

Red ochre get, burning yellow, and enriching it with iron.

In its pure form in nature, ochre almost never found to get a pure pigment, it needs to be cleaned, soak, bake and then grind to prevent deterioration. If all this is not done, the surface will pokrasovatsya uneven.

What is the effect of color on emotional state

Ochre austere and understated, associated by many with autumn leaves, fading away and despondency. It is the color of wet autumn Park after a long October of rain, so a certain amount of depression in this color are. But on the other hand, in dosed quantities ochre can help a person to relieve unnecessary stress, release anxiety, and relax. That's why is not recommended to use it in standalone version, but only in combinations with other colors. Just imagine the palette of the autumn forest: all the colors are present there (Burgundy, brown and yellow with all shades of green, red, black and grey), will naturally look at are: for ochre. Will fit the colors of the autumn sky over the forest, all shades of blue, grey, white.

Artists appreciate the ochre for her naturalness and compatibility with many shades.

In modern decor, this color is used very carefully, but the interior, it looks gorgeous and extraordinary.

Any room that has the decor or trim color ochre is cozy, rich and colorful. The color of wealth and maturity that can characterize this design.

The design of various rooms with ochre

Feature of this color as we have said, is remarkable ability to a natural combination with different, both cold and warm shades. And its like to use in the design of both home and official interiors (offices, classrooms, shops, bars).

Although the right combination can happen only when there is some experience and knowledge, it is necessary to overdo the use of ochre in the interior, and it will not be elegant and refined, and the gloomy and suggestive of boredom. She stands out from the rest of the background and the frame for it to be selected carefully. You can't let her be the soloist in the orchestra of your interior or you will get quite the opposite from the desired result.

I am especially good with ochre in the bedrooms because of its calming effect on the psyche, and is a great option for restrooms. Let it be Wallpaper with small pattern, will give them a finish in furniture or on textiles.

If your bedroom is decorated in blue or green palette, they are well-diluted Golden ochre, it has the ability to balance the palette of cold tones, softening them a bit.

If your intention is to enter the ocher in the kitchen, it is a good idea. The fact that another property of it is stirring up the appetite. Ochre is associated with mustard, as she is known to be a great stimulant. If you cut the kitchen interior in white color ochre apron, it will soften the white coldness without damaging modern style. Good to be in the kitchen a combination of glossy chairs in the colors of ochre and light-wood furniture.


She will set up a working mood in the men's office and give your library a solid and respectable appearance, will not tire the visitors of your office, it will be interesting in a frame of wood panelling, leather upholstery furniture.


A good combination can happen if you decorate the flooring is terracotta color and the decoration of the walls in some places to include the ochre, you will not need all walls painted in this color, a hint is sufficient.

The use of "ochre" palette in the living room can make it the highlight of the house. Textured Wallpaper will emphasize its elegance and will give a high status and elegance. This color will command respect as an honored elder in the family meeting, because it is considered to be an elder in collection of colors. To dilute the view of the autumn forest can be dark brown furnishings and soft pale beige decor. If the curtains ochre.

What colors goes well ochre in the interior

white color is modern and festive blends suitable for different rooms, dilute combination of chocolate and shades of beige;

terracotta or brick: a great classic combination;

purple: bright and modern, suitable to the interiors of some of the fashion styles;

Burgundy: two active color, demanding attention and perfectly coexisting when you are: neutral tones.

The most common color is ochre used to decorate walls and to enrich the color palette of small elements, very rarely using in large detail, fearing to break Sunny and warm harmony. In the selection of furniture like that too much, it is good next to the dark walls and floor, but they are likely to make your room dark and gloomy. Not very advantageous it will look in the surroundings bright or completely white neighbors, among which ochre will lose its charm of warmth. In dark rooms, warm tones, bright and interesting manifest itself, for example, small cushions, lamp shades, small specks of color in textiles or paintings of autumn landscapes, you can find a lot of interesting decorations suitable color. They even a small amount can look like, what not to look away.


His Majesty the ochre can be called a classic of the genre, but he may well show your other traits, besides restraint and rigor, with proper framing. And can serve as a deterrent in a variety of colorful composition.

That is, as they say, "as you call a boat so it will float". published

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