How to save yourself from extra work: 4 great ideas

Law Parkinsonian Parkinson, States that work expands, and seeks to capture all the possible time available for its implementation. If you give a worker a month to do the job can be done in a week, more than likely that he'll spend a month, complicating the solution to the problem. The employee is unlikely to be able to use the time efficiently and focus on their main mission. Give him a week and he, being vynuzhdeny focus on the work, will perform it in time.


The 80/20 rule the Pareto principle or the 20/80 rule means that 20% of efforts give 80% of the results, and the remaining 80% of the effort — only 20 % of the result. Take, for example, home cleaning. It makes no sense to regularly clean out the pantry, because it is not often used. However, the kitchen and the bathroom more than other rooms require regular cleaning, since there accumulate the most dirt. So 20% of the rooms require 80% of your attention to cleaning was more effective.

Deistvuyushim the following well-known advantages of the system the following. Its meaning is to break the work down into smaller tasks. For example, when cleaning the bedroom, put a goal — to wipe a dust, after completing it, proceed to the next — wash the floor. It makes work easier. Thanks to this system the impression that the work is less, you can handle his load.


Distribution priorytetowa idea is the distribution of tasks by priority depending on what you want to do, what you should do and what you need to do. Sometimes, if you hesitate, what you should do, goes into the category of what you need to do. For example, the payment accounts. Although you have to pay, you can put it off for a while. However, the closer the deadline of payment, the necessary to pay you in order to avoid fines and complications.

They vzaimodejstvuyut start, use the 80/20 rule to save yourself from extra work. The remaining tasks divide into subsequent actions. Allocate them according to priorities to better manipulate their tasks and balance their workload. Finally, once you start performing specific tasks, set a deadline, this will help you focus.published


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