Treatment with millet inflammatory processes in the kidneys

1. Cup millet, washed with warm water, pour in 3-liter jar and pour hot water. After this, insisting at room temperature, covering with something warm. The next day You will see a white suspension in water. Here it is your medicine.

Drink the liquid in any quantity and whenever you want. As the liquid runs out, pour the millet again with boiling water and steep again. You can drink as long as the taste will not change. Then take the new glass of millet.

Millet strengthens the kidneys and the entire urinary system: cleans the kidneys, eliminates sand, stones, helps with women's diseases and cure cystitis. Helps in the treatment of bladder stones — after the start of use of decoction of millet in a week or two the stone dissolved into the sand and released in the urine.

2. And this case describes a physician who has given up, when patient has kidney failure.

Millet helped the kidneys of a woman and the flu due to a complication after an infection blockage of the urinary tract, which terminated the flow of urine.

Was in the hospital, it was very bad – the urine was not for two days, kidney failure, uremic.

It has become to say goodbye to loved ones, because such patients do not live more than 3 days – buds perish, and with them.

Helped the woman brought in the night. She asked what had happened, and when I found out, called my husband, he immediately brought millet. Brought quickly, though I was middle of the night (3 hours).

Made the broth, which began to drink the patient with failed kidneys on a tablespoon every ten minutes. It's been 8 hours passages opened, and the urine went. I was in shock!

Half a Cup of millet a good wash, pour 1 liter of water, boil for 7 minutes.

After a bit of infusion, drink without any action. Millet is good to eat and in the form of porridges, soups. Harm from it will not, and in the treatment of helps greatly.

3. Treatment with millet with inflammatory processes in the kidneys, ureter and urinary bladder.

Millet to fill half a 3-liter jar, completely cover with boiling water, stir thoroughly, cover and leave day. Drain all the liquid and drink it the whole day without any restrictions. To continue the course of a week.

The remaining millet can not be thrown away, and cook from it, for example, porridge. For each day use to cook the broth of the new portion of millet.

Another recipe with millet, which will cure inflammation of the urinary system.
Cup millet to carefully sort out and washed in cold water.

Place the millet in a 3-liter jar, pour 2 cups of lukewarm water and three minutes very vigorously whip by hand. Received whitish a lot to drink without any restrictions.

4. Folk prescription treatment of cystitis and kidney millet and herbs.

2 tablespoons of millet to wash out. Then pour 2 cups of boiling water. Then put on fire, bring future the broth to a boil, while stirring occasionally. To turn off, leave for 1 minute, strain and take the following pattern:

1 day – every hour PO1 tbsp. spoon
Day 2 – every hour for 3 tbsp.
3 through 7 day – ½ Cup three times a day before meals.

In addition decoction of millet to take diuretic herbs for the kidneys:

Lingonberry leaves – 1 tbsp. spoon pour 1 Cup boiling water, cover, 5 minutes to boil on small fire. Strain after cooling. Drink small SIPS the whole day.


Bearberry – 1 tbsp. spoon pour 1 Cup boiling water, cover, boil 5 minutes on low heat. Half an hour to insist.

To drink a decoction bearberry warm a third of a Cup three times a day half an hour before a meal.

5. Cleansing the kidneys porridge from millet and cranberries.

This method not only cleanses the kidneys but also reduces high blood pressure, strengthens our bone tissue.

Millet sprout, what seeds lightly cover with water, cover with gauze and wait until the sprouts will not hatch. It takes a couple of days. Then germinated the seeds, rinse and dry. Cooking without any features like regular porridge on the water.

Is this millet porridge without oil, salt and sugar with cranberries. Such food will be a real resort for your kidneys.

The result – Shoe kidney, including from sand, mucus, calculi, removal of inflammation, tissue repair and kidney organs of the urinary tract.

The advantage of cranberries is that it is rich in many minerals necessary for our kidneys. Useful such a mess even if the kidneys are not sick, in the prevention.

Treatment of kidney millet is a great opportunity to give the buds what they want, namely the healthy and calm their work. published

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