How to store fresh cabbage in the winter

Every summer visitor wants to obtain a rich harvest. Fruits and vegetables contain a whole range of minerals and vitamins, but not everyone is able to preserve fresh vegetables. The tradition in the autumn of sour cabbage, then to in the winter to enjoy the delicious soup. But there are ways how you can fresh stored the cabbage.


Cabbage is indispensable to the human body. There are many options of canning and cooking of cabbage and ways to keep this useful product fresh. If you want fresh leave cabbage, it must be, as late as possible to remove from the beds, before severe frosts come.

For this you need to select the elastic and dense heads of cabbage that have no external damage. Easy cabbage with leaves that are not located close to each other, quickly deteriorate and are therefore not suitable for long term storage. If the leaves are loosely attached to the surface of the head, they need to be removed. At the head to leave a few green leaves. The primary function of these leaves will be protecting the valuable white leaves from the negative effects of the warehouse environment.

The cobs to be cut off at the base of the head, she must not protrude more than one centimeter. To prepare cabbage and tightly lay cabbage in 3 layers, wrapped in a wrapping film for household products. Convenient film width of 30 or 40 cm Before placing vegetables on the storage they need in a few hours to dry. Then cabbage down into the cellar. There are no special requirements for placement in the cellar of heads. They can be put on existing shelves or hanging in nets.

The optimum temperature for storage of cabbage, is considered to be the temperature from plus 1 degree to plus 5 degrees, so it is less likely to undergo decay, and will not lose its beneficial properties. Depending on the area of the cellar or underground, you can choose a suitable option for storage of cabbage. Effective is the way the heads are hung upside down from the top green leaves with left roots and stalk.

In the basement to put some dry sand in this makeshift "bed" stalk down to plant cabbages at a distance from each other. These methods in the presence of the correct temperature and good ventilation, suitable for long-term storage of vegetables.

Once a month inspect the cabbage, and remove the top decaying leaves, to prevent the lesion spread to the whole head. Once removed the damaged leaves, cabbage wrap film and again put into storage. If got corrupted a few layers of cabbage, then it is not necessary to store such a head, and just remove damaged leaves, wash the head and can be used in food. Spring survey the cabbage and its culling needs to be done at least 2 times a month.

Observing the storage conditions, cabbage can stay fresh all year round until the next harvest. For long-term storage suitable late-ripening varieties of cabbage. Cabbage cannot be stored, if the top leaves are frostbitten. published


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