Why would a man family

If you ignore the sentimental idea of family as the ideal unit of society and the place where there is only peace, comfort, kindness and warmth, the parents never get old, get sick and die, and the children are always friendly and obedient, then why all this? Why do people unnecessary emotions, why these feelings and doubts, why quarrel with imperfect husband or wife, why fears about the future together, why children, if without them, why do we have such family? Historical background to more recent agrarian past of many countries shows that one of the main reasons for the creation of families were joining forces for mutual survival on earth. Many children had often, in fact, not from excess of love, but because these were the traditions, way of life and the prosaic need an extra pair of hands and feet. Love, of course, loved it, but need in large and large families was largely dictated by social structure at that time. What we have now?
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Now Russia is falling apart on average, one out of two marriages in large cities and "more advanced" regions of divorces more than in small ones that can be explained at least a higher level of income and economic independence of the spouses. Excerpt from a random article, issued by a search engine on my request about statistics on marriages and divorces: "According to statistics, in Russia the percentage of divorces in 2012 is the highest. A thousand marriages have five hundred forty divorces. And every year the divorce rate increases. With all this, women file for divorce more often than men. Women want to stop marriage eighty percent. According to statistics, the average marriage lasts less than a year". And according to others, the average duration of living together in marriage — 4.5 years. In the modern city people do not "need" to join the family, if to raise the question of what we gain from living together, and it is strange what comes to mind in the process of thinking about the role of the family in our lives. Single mom or dad may well raise one or two or three children without the help of her husband. To grow is to feed, teach, clothe, drive in circles, mmm, some more about the spiritual world and inner harmony of the child to take care of, but unfortunately, the time and effort to it is not so much. Either this force and there is time for yourself anymore. There are exceptions, of course, but in General one of raising children is much harder than two, besides, life in a single-parent family, of course, leaves its mark (as well as in complete, but problematic). The theme of this hard, deep and very common in our days. Well, okay, there is as it is, let's understand what the family needs. Fear of being alone and cold old age, many people are not afraid, good, television and other media regularly employs for the salvation of all living beings out of boredom and God forbid, deep thinking about life. Blue screens give you food for brain activity with people of all ages, so that in old age will find something to do. And leisure and entertainment centres, more and more wow people to escape from inner dissatisfaction and psychological loneliness, but there seems to be as useful work is busy studying the fifth highest, workshops, game evenings and many opportunities for implementation. Want to sing, I want dance, you want — draw or something do. Don't think I'm against development, I'm for it, but it seems to me that often in such places people gather the most good and filled with life. If the fullness is fine if saved from loneliness — sad. To start a family and have kids for themselves is often women's fixed idea, and then to divorce, and better without her husband, to endure it, and "where now normal to find»? About children, it is clear that men, too meet on this idea fixed, and about the family, about the family that? Why would a man family? Or, do not need have family? The age of wealth and high technology does not imply more closeness shower, learning about yourself through the partner, deep unity and all these abstruse book business? What should be the new paradigm for love, not out of fear, not out of necessity, not because of rules or because of age and pressure ones... Thinking about it still, but I think that family is one of the stages of the personal evolution, the next just where you were engaged in self-knowledge and self-education. "The degree of personal evolution" is not about a Cup of personal achievement or employee of the month :) It's all about life, about the depth and sincerity of feelings about such a degree of fullness and love, which has not placed in you, and then the two of you. When we have learned to be friends and accept the other person, when we have learned not to run from responsibility, when so much the desire to know ourselves and the world more deeply, I feel an urgent need to mate. Not to fill the inner emptiness, not in order to escape from fears and complexes, not to someone's entire life fulfill your desires, but simply because he reached the highest skill in his skating and is ready to stand with someone in a couple to be in the Union where one plus one becomes greater than two. A synergistic effect, the result of which is the space in which you want to come to new souls. A high-frequency field having a healing effect on all who fall under his influence or just is near. The Union, which are born deep ideas, learned the fundamentals of the real life characters are formed, grow and develop children, and then grandchildren. Mature and conscious parenting is a crucial role, the fruits of which cannot be denied or falsified. The fruits are real, mercilessly real, the rewards that manifest and reflect all that was sown at the origins... perhaps that is why so many people are afraid to move deeply into relationship?Why would a man family? To be able to "contribute to make the world more perfect than caught it at birth". Is it possible without family? Of course, you can. But if this is the way without a deep service to the world and the people in it, it is unlikely that in the end all will be as rosy as in the beginning. Although... published Author: Dean Richards

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