Wooden wall in the interior: natural accent in Your house

To create a seamless modern design often used wooden walls. These walls are applicable in the interior emphasise the comfort and warmth of home. Natural wood perfectly adapts not only in nature. This is the most versatile material used not only for construction, interior and finish, it adapts perfectly.


Subject to the laws of and connection with nature, wood used in the interior fills the house with a powerful aroma of pure forest.

Wooden wall is one of the best ways to solve the focal wall regardless of interior style — minimalist, eclectic or traditional. Finishing wood walls will allow you to make the interior natural motifs, and can be made of panels or wooden boards. Each of these options use natural wood in interior design for your pleasant and interesting.

The shade and texture of the wood will play out quite differently in combination with glass and metal, the form of boards and panels.

Simplicity always breeds genius, the use of natural wood in the construction of interior wooden walls will contribute some flavor to any residential home. In independence, where she will be. Wood remains one of the main construction materials.

Modern construction and new technologies in recent years have undergone significant changes. New technological methods of wood processing in different ways. This material does not suffer from innovation, only wins in the diversity of its uniqueness and individuality. The tree retains its true nature.

According to the structure and texture of natural wood allow you to create a wooden wall in the interior in various colors used in the tree. Looks great on the traditional log architecture.

The option of plating the walls of the barn boards add to the interior element of antiquity. Paneling in the manner of the old London houses painted wooden panels in perfect harmony with modern armchairs and sofa, lamps.

White paint and pine boards in the creation of radical minimalism can arrange simple interior traditional means.

Popular wooden wall paneling, beautifully mounted in a different direction of the fiber, to create a unique variants.


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