Let's see what you can build on the basis of the shed!

We love happy stories about how old or abandoned house become stylish residences. But this project is a special exception, because the basis is not a real house, but a simple commercial barn, which eventually became a very interesting house for one family. The building, built before the war, endured many difficult years and the last few decades was in complete disrepair.

Reconstruction and interior design was done by experts from the firm KREA Koncept. The design of the building was completely changed, the house received a new, poured concrete floors, new roof, and in many parts of the house, even new walls. Reconstruction of main walls occurred in several stages: first an assessment of current damage, the second – the repair of the partitions that already existed. They then spent the insulation of walls, and designer of the project was prepared, who successfully beat the atmosphere of the old buildings, making it an advantage rather than a disadvantage, as it was before.

The barn before reconstruction

As we can see, a fairly major construction of the walls themselves looks tempting to begin reconstruction. In principle, the Foundation was intact, and it only partly had to be rebuilt, as well as to insulate and decorate. All communication was initiated in the house at the stage of overhaul, and the roof completely renovated.

Living room after renovation

The interior is decorated in the style of an English vintage, looks very characteristic, a sofa and a piano fading, fireplace decorated with black natural stone and antique things here create the right mood.

Decorative techniques

The owner is a history buff, so he chose to preserve the building and create on its basis the interior, similar in spirit to the time of its construction. Of course, this option was also cheaper than the construction of the cottage from scratch, but really on such adventures usually go out of principle. Note that some of the decorative techniques used in the design of the exterior, in the interior of a new home, also imitate the ancient building.


Externally, the house is decorated in Mediterranean style – bright wine shade Marsala decorates the facades and traditional red tile looks very attractive in this context. For many additional decorative elements were chosen pale black shade, which contrasts with the exterior and blend in with the General appearance of the building.

Window decoration

Some of the Windows and aisles left in the same place – so they got a new life due to modern glazing. Others had to create in addition to sufficient sunlight in the house. Decorative wooden elements as well as garden furniture, is painted black and appear as ethnic elements.

Open floor plan

Great gate, previously leading from one barn to another, become the arch between the living room and kitchen. And the open layout of the public area helped to use sunlight in the house to the maximum.

Bedroom son

Very original bedroom – the idea of the son of the owner who wanted to make their private room a reflection of their creative looks.

The parents ' bedroom

A more modern room, decorated in retro-modern, is the bedroom of the house owners. It is very different in decor from the social zone which is designed primarily to preserve the authenticity unusual places. Here you can find a space of calm and relaxation, sky blue hue, and the softest fabrics. published

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