How to create your nut orchard

The filbert and hazelnut – are rare guests on our garden plots. And it's pretty strange when you consider how much is one kilo of nuts. On a plot of four acres, you can create a garden of hazelnuts that would bear fruit.

On the ground

Hazelnut prefers light soil and rich organic soil. If the land plot is different, then it should be corrected by adding in the planting hole of sand and humus. And need relatively little humus. And sand is necessary to pour liberally. Hazelnut does not like acidic soils, so in the hole when planting will not be amiss to add a little ash.

Varieties and harvest

First the nuts should in theory appear in fifth or sixth year, but with good care the first nuts we'll try on the second. However in this age with the bushes removed only two to five nuts, but the following year the harvest will be more significant. With age increases the number of nuts in each stem, the clusters are bigger and heavier. So many stems of different varieties Academician Yablokov and No. 4219.

However, high-quality filberts to get difficult, but the savages also give good yields. However, the nuts they have are often small. Hazelnuts are famous for Ivanteevka – they are hardy, and hazel, and yielding, large-fruited southern hazelnuts.

Girl — boy

When designing a garden nut we must remember that nuts are wind-pollinated; culture, that is, they fruit better when there are several varieties. It is possible for pollination to plant in the garden a Bush of wild hazel – crops the rest of the hazelnuts will only increase.

What about forming

Three years after planting the hazelnut Bush is necessary to shape. Ideal for walnut crown shape is the Cup. For this it is necessary every year to remove all shoots growing in the center of the crown, and the center conductor trim above the side branches on the outer Bud. Pruning is best done in spring before the buds swell on the shoots. Signal it consider drop earrings.

But starts the garden of nuts with purchase of seedlings. Here, of course, you need to pick, varieties differ in yield. So, adult Bush varieties Academician Yablokov gives birth to 10 kg of nuts. Therefore, the choice of varieties is responsible.

How to propagate

If desired, you can propagate any variety, landing slips, and by the end of summer they will take root. Such slips when landing on a constant yield in a year and retain all the characteristics of the mother plant.

Can be propagated hazelnuts and seeds. Sown, they are ideal acklimatiseras and are resistant to vagaries of weather. But the harvest will have to wait five to seven years, and no one knows what the dark horse will grow from these seeds. You can easily wait seven years the fruits of the hazelnuts, and then it turns out that it would be better not planted.

Therefore, we are only interested in the seedlings from vegetative propagation, guarantees us a great result.

How to choose Saranac

Not to miscalculate, buying seedlings, you need to pay attention to their roots. If they are pivotal, it is the seed plants, that is undesirable for us. But if the root is fibrous, leaves from the trunks as something outside the box is what we need.

A few observations from practice:

● highly buried when planting seedlings may die;

● watering of seedlings in the first two years of cultivation in dry weather, is very desirable, as their root system is very weak, and they will suffer from lack of moisture;

● the content of the tree trunks range in loose and weed-free condition can significantly accelerate the growth and development of seedlings, as well as the beginning of fruiting;

● in the autumn planting need to mulch tree trunks, that is, to protect the seedlings from freezing.published


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