Massage of the neck muscles to improve the function of the thyroid gland and not only

Neck massage improves the condition of teeth, ears, eyes, thyroid function and the endocrine system, heart and lungs.

You need to understand the importance of normal krovosnabzhenie all that we have is located above the neck. Spasms in the neck muscles and the blood ceases to flow to large areas of the face — eyes, teeth, ears.

Neck massage is done on 12 lines on the neck, with the back of the second phalanges of the four fingers of a palm closed into a fist. First is on three lines to the right front, then also the left left arm, then right rear and the same on the left. Each vertical line is divided into three sections (top, middle, bottom) – massage begins at the top, is five movements of the fist back and forth and transition to the area below, then another below. then everything is repeated on the other line.



When will be held the 12-th lines transition in the right muscle going from neck to shoulder (the same one that is a pleasure to massage and which quickly fills in sedentary work) – here is the massage with the other hand (left hand right muscle), and is no longer a fist, and thrust movements of the fingers (first the front, five times on each of the three sections, then pushed back the muscle forward). First right, then left.

Sit with a straight spine and neck, and consciously release tension from the muscles of the shoulders and neck (but in a pinch you can do lying down). Squeezing the hand in "female fist" (thumb not talking to the others, does not interfere with the running of the phalanges) and start from the top first line on the right side of neck right hand, pressing slightly stronger than average force to move a relatively in a fast pace 5 times back and forth. Making 5 movements, lowered a little, and again 5 times then another 5 times below

You can also do arbitrary simple kneading and rubbing movements. On the thyroid gland — just stroking.

Then go to the muscle of the right shoulder, left hand. Put hand on shoulder close to the neck so that the fingers rested on shoulder, and begin pushing motion with his hand. Making 5 times are shifted, then again shifted in muscle.

Preventive self-massage of the neck muscles, which prevents many of the problems in the area of the head. If somewhere feels pain, then this place can be massaged for longer. Describes the short and simple approach for daily use (as courses you can use, there are a few weeks and forget for a couple of weeks), if the work is sedentary or you are doing physically with the weight/bar it is necessary to do more long-term prevention.

Learning to do everything on the machine, you can then make a motion with his hand out, and at the same time, still fast moving by the phalanges (when massage neck, not the shoulder) – you will get more is a movement more vibrant. Some days can not move, but only quickly phalanges – then it will be necessary to three times longer massage, that is 15-20 times in each place. In General, anything strict no – no in the movements nor in the quantities, the main thing it is achieved that was not painful areas.


The picture shows the submandibular salivary gland and parotid gland. Put your fingers under the jaw while keeping the neck relaxed, and making there massage movement (for example moving the thumb from side to side), simultaneously looking for problem areas. There it is possible to feel pain or to feel swelling is a massage of the fingers and the need to eliminate, simply mash these edemas, push don't just RUB off.

If it's eliminated for a couple of days, there is no pain and swallowed more of these places don't need to massage, and continue to engage in neck, where many muscles which are less tender. Elimination of swelling of the salivary glands – improves digestion, as the food starts to wet full of saliva and food ball is already more than ready into the stomach. In some cases, when a person has this problem has been chronic after kneading can get "stones", something like lime from the salivary glands.

Again it is better to work a little with the neck to improve krovosnabzhenie these areas, then swelling of the salivary glands will not return, unless you immediately and salivary gland massage, but the main thing then just need to work out lot days neck to return.published


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