A strong method for attracting positive things into your life

This is a very powerful method, which helps to attract a lot of pleasant events in your life. "Living with the installation of gratitude, we can change the world very much. When we forget about gratitude, it is very easy to deviate from your goal," says Joe Vitale.

When you are successful, rich, happy and healthy, we can be thankful for this, but what do you do if your life is full of problems? For what thank, when everything seems terrible?

If you think about it, the reason for the gratitude is still there.

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Try to find joy in the simplest things:

— I am grateful for living.

— I have relatives and friends (a loved one, children continue to do this list...).

— I have friends (at least one close friend or girlfriend probably is!).

— I enjoy socializing with interesting people. (Again – if they are not yet on the horizon, look for, and they will be).

I have a roof over your head (no matter their homes or removable, a big house or a modest one).

— I have a computer with Internet access (and so, if you are reading these lines).

— I have a desire for success and prosperity (and maybe you already are successful and rich! But even if you're only on the way to it, too!).

— I have a favorite work (if it's not there, it means there is at least a job that feeds you, and you probably have a hobby for the soul).

— I know how to enjoy the sun, birds singing, and the smiles of passers-by.

— I thank destiny and God for every day because it brings me so much discoveries!

If you get in the habit of keeping a gratitude journal, you every day will find more joy in your life.published 


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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