Heart murmurs: what you need to know?

It is very important not to run your health and do regular exercise, improves circulation and heals the heart. Here one does not need any super: simply take daily walks.

Doctors often diagnosed their patients with a heart murmur. Although often these noises are fairly harmless, they may indicate serious heart problems.

Usually it's just "background" noise, caused by the passage of blood through the vessels and across heart valves, but sometimes it hides a very serious heart problem. Therefore, it is important to know about the symptoms that can be associated with heart murmur. Write!

1. What may be hiding behind a heart murmur?

  • The problem with a heart valve, a heart murmur may be caused by, for example, thickened heart valve. This problem is congenital, and more often, then surgery is required. Sometimes the valve thickening is called atherosclerosis. In order to identify these problems, you need to undergo regular medical examination of cardology.
  • Anemia: Anemia can also cause heart murmurs. Due to lack of red blood cells and lack of oxygen in the blood, the heart is forced to beat more often. This causes the heart murmur. Watch the iron levels in the blood.
  • The problems associated with two cardiac cavities: It is a violation of normal relations between the two Atria or the two ventricles of the heart. Such problems usually have an innate nature.
  • Atherosclerosis: This disease affects both arteries and heart valves. It causes narrowing of the arteries and pass through the valves; as a result of the passage of blood through them there is a specific noise.
  • Other problems: Sometimes a fever or problems with the thyroid gland can cause a heart murmur. It must also be borne in mind.

2. Symptoms that can be associated with heart murmur

Often we associate these symptoms with fatigue. Women usually don't pay much attention to possible signs of heart problems.

From stress, everyday worries, constant fatigue, we often do not attach importance to such signs. We comfort ourselves that this is supposedly "normal", but the problem does not disappear.

You need to listen to yourself, to pay attention to such things and treat them with the utmost seriousness. Write down:

  • Even with a little effort, your pulse quickens. To climb stairs, to jog a little to catch the bus, quickly assemble in the morning for work — all this immediately causes you have the characteristic fatigue and increased heart rate.
  • You are out of breath. When you have a bit to go, you have to stop, because there is not enough breathing.
  • Every time you make an effort, you feel pain in your chest like you make this place a hot plate.
  • In severe cases, after the man up the stairs or go, lips and fingertips bluish tint. This is a symptom of a significant shortage of oxygen, in medicine it is called "cyanosis". Of course, in this case, you should immediately consult a doctor.
  • In the body of retained fluid, edema.
  • Even with a small load of veins in the neck visibly swell.
  • You should also carefully monitor the health of their children. If you see that your kids are not developing as expected at their age, if they are constantly tired, always consult a pediatrician.

3. Can I prevent heart problems?

You need to consider that part of the heart is congenital in nature; then you need to strictly follow the recommendations of doctors and carry out therapies.

But many heart problems can we prevent through a healthy lifestyle and if we adhere to the following rules:

  • Watch your cholesterol. Then you will be able to avoid hardening of veins and arteries, and blood flow in the body will be normal.
  • Watch the iron levels in the blood to avoid anemia. You will help this foods rich in iron and vitamin C.
  • The diet should be balanced and varied, it is necessary to limit the intake of fat, processed food, refined flour and salt.
  • There are many extracts, beneficial for the cardiovascular system. It is the infusion of horse tail, lemon balm, Valerian, hawthorn, extract of rosemary and Rue and even green tea. You'll love them!
  • A little exercise every day. If you have serious heart problems, do not forget to regularly do exercises that keep the heart in good condition. For example, walk twenty minutes, or a little swim.
  • And finally, don't forget about the doctors. Regularly pass the inspection of the cardiologist, then it will be time to identify problems with the heart. Your health is worth it. published

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