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I often remember how in the Soviet Union there were many roads are closed in some sports or for some classes, and just because someone has decided what is "legally" only at the Olympic level. I.e. either you're with 4 years life on it put (even while endowed with considerable talent), or do not come close to this (because why would you need it, bad).

Examples can bring many: ballet, sports and gymnastics, acrobatics, figure skating, some music classes... especially tight doors closed with age. With 16 years of gymnastics? It's a delusion of some kind. Absolutely hopeless. Absolutely. NOTHING happens! Chickens to laugh. Or maybe people just like? For yourself? The Olympics is not to win but to see how far he himself with his forces the common man get? And can he even the talent is there, and the data, it is not bad?

I have a relative who really wanted about gymnastics, but it's close was not even considered. He had received a Jewish boy, and dreams are had in 10-12 years... And then he went to Israel in 19 years saw that there was an Amateur section, where you can join. Was delighted and went. And have achieved great results! OK, Yes, he was certainly a professional athlete. And in General the gymnast is not, and is not made anywhere, and no contest won. But he trained himself a very nice body, and very beautiful posture. And on the beach were surprised the girls with all sorts of stunts on the sand, and rejoiced. Well, in 20 years, and he enjoys 5 times a week — ie he found his sports hobby, something bad?

Or about the stunts in Berlin, a school where they teach acrobatics who podge. Regardless of age, weight, body build and physical fitness. Well, Yes — not all will be able to spin the ring on the ceiling. But maybe for someone even to tumble — achievement. And hands up, or the bridge to make the ultimate dream. And really want, and motivation of the sea.

Well, the same or ballet — pay, and up to this machine, at least forty, at least with some weight. And we did not take, even just "too heavy girls, not that there is — women.

Well, here's the music school, I remember that "selection" was — it was necessary to demonstrate a certain talent, and hearing and all that. And many said that later brought — anything here will not teach, nothing sensible here music will not. And who decides what should go? Here's M. — not having the music irrelevant, I bought a piano at the age of 38 and went to class. Yes, he koncertam pianist did not — but learned to play a repertoire very well. And most importantly — joy! Plays, learns. Like a year, then even got himself an accordion and went to class. Simply because like. Well, that's hunting man in the free time try to play! It has this accordion was standing on the street and played for passers-by, e.g. when the marathon ran. A couple of times, stammered, so what. But with how high the whole street sang!

Mostly I remember that people somehow brought this complex: "who are You? You do not threaten, you're not supposed to!"

We even have to say it was somehow embarrassing: "well" — and then admit that it was "not professional."

"But how?
— For yourself?

As it is, for yourself? Just for the sake of fun? For some reason, about many things, someone decided that just for fun to deal with them worthless, it is necessary for the sake of ambition, of competition and victory. A person may not want to beat anybody, except maybe for myself a little bit. But anyone opposed to this: how this is so. With the right scenario, the right people for that kill. And if you do half a step in the wrong direction — you are out! Eliminate! Kicked out! Will not worthy! Are not suitable! It is a war. What is really there fun.

Here's who we came up with, and why? What are some things you can do only for slaughter. Or in any way.published

Author: Yana Frank


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