How to change life for the better 1 month

Just a month of independent work to make a difference in my life! I can safely promise to all who will execute the following plan: in a month you will not recognize yourself.

So, for each week of the plan — three jobs that need to be implemented into your life. And stay with them throughout the month. Ideally longer, but here it is for you to decide.


  Week 1. Cleaning the body and mind.


  • Up early, around 6 am. Here comes the time for yourself, which is never enough during the day. The result — peace and quiet, without distractions to do their business while the household slept. It's the perfect time for morning practices, to configure the body to live this day 100%. Laziness, unwillingness to get up early is not an indicator of fatigue. For me this is an indication that you don't want to live my life. Why get out of bed — there again gloomy morning, subway, traffic jams, work... That's if the first thought was "hurry the morning is a new day!"? Agree, it is unlikely with such a feeling of early rise would be a problem. So, it turns out, it works both ways. Life plays all the colors and sparkles — it will be easy to jump in in the morning. Or... Will be easy to jump in in the mornings — and life sparkled!
  • Lightweight food. For future changes we will need a tremendous amount of energy. Probably now it is being spent to maintain our organism in a normal, functioning state, despite the influence of alcohol, cigarettes, heavy fatty foods, pastries, sweet... everyone has a list of these weaknesses, underline. Or rather, strike that. You can choose the kind of food that you think is correct. I believe in vegetarianism and raw food. But one thing is for sure: alcohol, chips, soda, prepared foods, junk food aren't in the concept of healthy eating. So everything is deleted. Portions — reduce, and not to eat before bed. The rest — listen to your body or nutritionist. Most importantly — do not burden yourself with a goal for the removal and digestion of toxins. On the contrary, it should be possible to ease his plight, feed easy, healthy, delicious food. He will be happy, and you — the energy for action.
  • Sport. This is my favorite and most required. Do not tire of repeating — the tone and health of the physical body — a prerequisite for spiritual health. And the movement, as you know — life. So, to awaken the life (and spirit) in the mouth of the body, it is necessary to stir! Any suitable for you way. My options — yoga, running and dancing. Try every day to move more, in any form: to dance in front of the mirror, going to work; to refuse from Elevator and take the stairs; to arrange a full workout at the gym, whatever.
Week 2. Cleaning space Affairs and the environment.

  • Cleaning space. Throw away all! Stuff on the mezzanine — is not considered. Put things in order in all corners, on all the tables, all cabinets, in all places. Think — every thing in your home takes not only a piece of the place, but a piece of your energy. Every, even the smallest! It's worth it? I was so fascinated by this method that made in the trash almost all their belongings. Leave only really useful and necessary things, things that you like that inspire you love. A subtle point — if you still keep the bear, which gave a favorite on 14 Feb 1998, and loved left long ago — this "positive" memories of no place near you. Get rid of without thinking! See — breathing becomes easier. Especially if everywhere to wipe the dust and wash the floor.
  • Cleaning chores and obligations. Remember how many years you are going to learn English. And how many promise to come to Novo-Gadyukino to aunt Masha? And how many points from the new year plan you years carry in every fresh list? Remember all the similar promises to yourself and others. And decide what to do with them. Variants, actually, two: (1) make, (2) to abandon them forever, forever to erase from your list. But if I can't erase my aunt Mary — go straight tomorrow. Make things, instead carry a burden of responsibility and dissatisfaction.
  • Cleaning the environment. Finish all the relationships that pull you back into depression. To refuse to communicate with those who always criticizes and always cranky. With those who has nothing left to do. Those who have nothing to learn. And learn to leave, learn to say "no". Allow yourself to be "ungrateful", "rude", "crazy", "bitch" — if that's the price of freedom. Exception — parents. With them, in my opinion, you need to establish relationships. As hard as it was not.
Week 3. Plans, goals and dreams.

  • Write and execute plans. We have also just left the to-do list from the previous week. How do you like it? Causes joy, enthusiasm and a desire to roll up your sleeves? If not, you may want to cross off a few items. Or — run them and then erase. In both cases you are waiting for a burst of energy and desire to live. And to add something that makes everything inside to freeze in anticipation. Remember what you love, or loved once. Don't forget to plan not only work and money, but also relaxation, time with friends and loved ones, time for yourself (always forget). You need to write the plan, which will want to run, which will tremble the knees and scratched hands. All at the same time. Write from your life book that you yourself would be interested to read. And by this book to add a specific time frame and concrete steps.
  • The list of strange phenomena. One of my favorite exercises. Practiced it so far, and each time becoming more brazen (although it would seem that much already?). It is this: write a list of dreams that will never come true. Well, there is so steep and outrageous that their performance is not believed at all. These include world domination and the desire to climb Everest (and you already 89 years). Unplug criticism and imagine all the possibilities the world is at your feet, you just have to snap your fingers.. There are time, money, and any communication needs, has all the talent needed. Why would want to? By the way, my first list of the impossible, written in February 2014, to date, has come true entirely. And I still funny how modest doing I thought "unbelievable".
  • Plan daily. Every evening write a plan for the next day. Short, rough, whatever — but the plan should be. And in the evening is important. Even if you never remember about the existence of this plan, your productivity will increase significantly. Tested! And don't forget to look in the global plan and ask yourself the question — if you move? But where? And whether you are moving anything? Why?
Week 4. Pushing the boundaries.

  • To try to live differently. In the most that neither is on the details. To go to work the new road. To go in an unfamiliar cafe or in a very expensive shop. To try a new sport. To try to do something you never did. Every day, doing the usual things, ask yourself — right now I can do something a little different? You need to create the habit of trying new things, gradually leave the beaten track.
  • Out of the comfort zone. Of course, all the previous points, if you really did already a good exit out of the comfort zone. But here we go any further, look into the eyes of your fears. And not only see but also play with them. Here I am a supporter of radical methods. Afraid of heights? Go to jump with a parachute. Afraid of the boss — go to the boss with fresh proposals. Fear of strangers — go to a party in an unfamiliar company. Alone, to not hide behind the talk with a girlfriend/boyfriend. And study in such field conditions.
  • Relax. What do you think — only work? Just stay with a mandatory exit from the house, a mandatory shutdown of the Internet, and always alone. And the obligatory (and honest!) feedback himself. What was it? How it went, what changes occurred? And how to live further, after all this?
What awaits you in the middle of the way (not to say at the end, for it is an endless road) will exceed your expectations. By following these (simple!) things on a daily basis, integrating them into your life, you will feel the harmony, omnipotence, will see the light at the end of the tunnel and path that will point the right way. And eventually it will turn into the road. It sounds pathetic, but truth is, she is pathetic friend.published


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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