Homemade kids and homemade mom

One day I went to the clinic, the nurse suddenly started talking about children, and it turned out that my daughter is not in kindergarten. "What a mess! said the nurse to sit at home, and a child! I would be crazy! You only stand for it!".

What a pity that in the minds of quite a substantial percentage of women of child appears in some monster who must heroically to "survive".

When I say that walking daily for a full working day — I very clearly imagine to have done this in the past one year. Therefore, knowing what the actual question, I can say how this negatively or positively.

But if a man talks to me, who had never been at home with their children longer than a week-long holiday break, and convinces me that it is "horror", then we can not speak — it simply is not the topic of our conversation.

Yesterday went to children's performance in a shopping centre the crowd is unruly, screaming children and knackered parents, running back and forth from Chad to the trays back and forth, without end feeding, bamboo, Cola, ice cream, a new toy.

Most full time working parents see their children only in the evening — and I do not envy them! From morning to evening the child was in the room at a noisy group of 30 people (if lucky). He has accumulated a lot of negative emotions, restrained during the day, unspent energy (sports and other motor activity not so much — the kids will kill each other in the sports equipment, it is unsafe, so the gardens are usually a short plastic slides and swings, doesn't run). And all of this falls on parents.

Parents, too, for working day have accumulated a lot of things through the interaction with different counterparts and challenging (often chiefs). And in the evening they all blamed it on each other. To make this "sincere communication" a disappointing conclusion can both sides: to dispense communion with his beloved family, still have nothing to do with it and she knows nothing.

"What uncontrollable children!"- I think the parents and record the child on two circles after the kindergarten to bring him home by the laying to sleep. "How boring!" — I think the kids and weekend crying: "I Want to Sadi and by-and-by!".

Then there are the weekly holidays — children are not able to communicate with each other, they need "a team" to everyone. Parents do not know how to communicate with children who strive every day somewhere to bring them under the pretext that "the child needs educational classes and fellowship." Vacation by both parties perceived as a nightmare and with the resumption of familiar routine all sigh with relief.

But then on the heads of poor parents falls new attack — the summer. Vacation for two months!!! Nowhere to go. (In Israel, has proposed to reduce the break to one month, and that is not good for so long).

In July there are children's summer camp — everything is repeated, usually in the evening parents get overexcited children win back for them their daily stress. In August the children are accustomed, that they should always entertain a special person, require "showmanship". Of course, it's a great time for water parks, game rooms and private magicians-clowns that make one month's revenue, I think, more than six months.

But even these "long holidays" does not affect the fact that parents and children have finally met each other and stopped to take time together a "nightmare" and "horror". And parents finally learn what to leave at home with the kids can not only by the route garden-work-play room.

I'm going to start to convince that many give to the garden is forced to (you know), trying to fill the emotional communication at home (also know), trying to be more engage themselves with the kids (and know it). But the fact remains — if you happen to recognize that an "average mom" that "sit at home with the baby" she will look at you as great.

And back where we started — if the mother was never with the child in a relaxed atmosphere at home, she just didn't know what it can bring you not only the hassle, but also great joy and pleasure from sharing exciting life. And to have an idea about it, you just need to try, because everything unknown is scary. published

Author: Marina Ozerova


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