Teaching children at home — pros and cons

Home-schooled students every year becomes more and more popular. And many parents are not afraid to take responsibility for their children's education.

To fit learning into your home, and looks like in practice home education student?

Happy mother of three wonderful children Olga Yurkovskaya is ready to share its experience.

Olga education: psychologist and teacher of psychology (national Institute of higher education, Belarusian state University, Minsk), Gestalt therapist (Moscow Gestalt Institute), diploma of the Higher school of psychology (Moscow) on the program "Coaching and leadership", master of business administration. He teaches in the MBA program. Also Olga is the author of books and articles in journals.

Good afternoon, Olga! Thank you for agreeing to answer our questions!

What are the pros and cons You see in home education?

The main plus – the health of children. Different researchers come to the same conclusion – school affects children's health. If you take research from the Ministry of health, we can say that the older the students, the less they are healthy. By the end of school the number of healthy children decreases by 3-4 times. 93% of graduates have a variety of diseases: neuropsychological disorders, gastritis, scoliosis, etc.

Children spend time in the stillness, are physiologically harmful position at the Desk, in constant tension: fear response at the Board, conflicts with classmates, the noise changes, poor nutrition in school... a Few hours a day children spend in serious stress. Plus, the added load of homework.

To high school becomes an obvious difference between children who spend on school work and homework 9 hours, and child working in the house for 2 hours. The second spends the remaining free time in the fresh air, getting enough sleep, can afford to play sports.

If the parents are unable to pay for the services of a good tutor, it is clear that the learning material is learned better than in a school classroom of 25 children.

The home schoolers are more independent from the assessment and from other people's opinions, they are more result-oriented and more independent. Children used to be in the herd and not in the crowd. Grow bright individuals. From my point of view is a plus. Although parents with these children have more complicated than with compliant a child (smiles).

Cons of home schooling reflects mainly the parents (smiles).

For moms teaching at home becomes a second job – in fact, it is the job of the Director of the mini-school. We need to find teachers who organize the learning process and logistics (if necessary), spending a lot of time with children.

Every year children in home schooling in Russia is becoming more. Now their number reached 100,000.

What is the difference of family education and part-time?

The law "On education in the Russian Federation" offers the following forms of education:

— full – time- regular school;

— part-time – part items child can learn in school, and some – to pass exams;

— time (including distance learning);

— family education and self – training not on the program of the school and want parents.

Unlike distance learning and family that in the first case, the child adheres to the program of the school, and at family-education – studies that consider more correct parents.

It turns out that the family form of education the child will remain without a certificate?

No. The child can take the final external examination. Just when this form of education there is no strict adherence to the plan of the school.

When you need to pass the exams?

Can be taken during the school year monitoring plan of the school and must be attached by the student to a specific class. In this case, you have the right to receive consultation of teachers.

And you can learn in family form and, when needed, the certificate will need to pass in school all subjects.

How to know if child is home schooled?

This training is suitable for all children if it kompensiruet parents.

Parents should be responsible and have the resources to arrange the child a good environment for both learning and social sense. If you think someone else without your direct involvement will have to organize your family's home education form is not suitable.

Also may not be suitable the option of learning at home children community members who just needed power, social and organizational activities. In this case, the school may be almost the only place to realize these ambitions. But these children – unit...

As a child who is home schooled, will study to interact with their peers? How is socialization?

If we believe that 24 hours a day for three months during the summer holidays, another month of autumn, winter and spring vacations plus Saturdays and Sundays, plus Bank holidays and time outside of school – so much time in the year the child is outside the school community.

Then you need to consider that this is the socialization at school is during school breaks that last for 10 minutes. How much time a child can communicate freely with their peers in school? Can we be sure that this is a tiny time will provide the socialization of the child?

The best socialization occurs in companies for which there is no adult supervision, so to speak, in an unstructured society.Ideal – the domestic company. Or in the associations of interest: the groups and sections. There are various health camps and sanatoriums. This is more than enough in order to learn how to interact with people.

When in school herded the children of the same age without any common interests is the wrong model for socialization. In real adult life other models.

Common goals and interests is found in people of absolutely different age. Therefore, I believe that the school model even aggravates or reduces socialization. If you take the definition of socialization from Wikipedia, which is the ability to achieve success in the adult society, the probability of adult success after the school model is reduced.

In many schools teachers do not follow the parenting. We can observe harassment from classmates, even the crimes of children against each other... And purchasing habits to cater to the antisocial personalities at school is not the proper socialization of the child.

Socialization is to make friends with more successful people and make them joint projects, the ability to team up for joint activities and achieve goals. It turns out that it interest classes promote socialization.

What parents should be prepared by transferring the child for home schooling?

First, be prepared for criticism, gloomy forecasts and predictions from friends and relatives. Public pressure will be required. Our people can not bear to look at those not serviced by public systems, like all the rest (smiles). And parents need to learn all the well-wishers to send to do their business.

Second, parents should be prepared for the financial and time-consuming. Parents of children who go to school easier – they all shift responsibility to the school, and they do not apply.

How much time and money will require a home study form from the parents?

It depends on the ambitions of parents and their desire to participate directly in the educational process.

Need Tutors at least the following subjects: mathematics, physics, chemistry and Russian language. Also, in core subjects for selected Universities.

The school program with Tutors developed ten times faster. And it turns out not so expensive, if you take the repeaters in 6-7 grade.

Additional lessons in after-school clubs. It all depends on the capacity of the parents: the child free activities in municipal institutions, and it is possible to pay for the most prestigious and expensive club of the city.

How to choose a tutor?

For me, an important criterion is a sincere love and good attitude to children. In addition, the teacher should "burn eyes" about his subject, he himself should be interesting! I'm usually looking for teachers for recommendations.

It is also important to find out what the cost of the lesson with this tutor, and for what period of time it can give the school in the subject. As a rule, rather 100-200 hours of study to get a proper evaluation, 200-300 hours – for excellent knowledge of the subject.

School somehow participates in the life of a child for home schooling?

School teachers attend only those children who are home schooled for medical reasons. Usually it is children with disabilities.

If you are assigned to the school, you are required to provide textbooks.

How to organize the day of a child who learns at home?

If the school child spends about 9 hours a day on school lessons and homework, then when home schooling the same amount of knowledge can be obtained in 2-3 hours. Imagine how much time you have on a dream and walking!

There is also no time lost in listening to other people's responses to the lessons and the discipline in the class, the transitions from class to class. The child is bringing the results of activity, having spent quite a bit of time. For example, my daughter fills the semi-annual math notebook for a day and a half.

Therefore it is possible not to arrange the day. Of course, at a certain time coming Tutors have a schedule to attend additional classes, clubs and sports sections. Specifically to arrange for home tutoring hourly makes no sense.

If a child rushes to school, of course, let him go. Do not deprive him of this experience. To transfer the child for home schooling, you can at any time.

If you decide that you will succeed!

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